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Like quarterback who still kind of getting ready for training camp to be expected he had a fifteen month layoff come off and injuries not gonna look like a quarterback coups um in the group but cases case has been at this since april he's than the group um he's been practicing and playing every day and so um and so that's what case looks like in practice center in games and then practice had he looks like your quarterback who is steadily ramping it up so they're into a and you know what it's kind of very similar to to wear gierek mckinnon is and we're latavio's murray is because if you remember litigious we signed him knowing he had to have a um uh foot surgery um and he was going to miss the offseason programme and probably most a training camp and as it turns out you messed all the training camp uh as well and so with tapias has got the look of a player who's now just starting to hit full stride as we get into week twelve not as a player who's gonna really grinding through the last part of the season no because we'll take this was coming off of a aww too so what taking us and then teddy are at different stages of a season than most of the other players because they're coming back from injuries the vikings entertainment network in the vikings team channel here on to then mike it is the holiday season so it pains me to mention gary anderson's naved take it back to the 1998 nfc title game i'm doing in this context kicking a matters i don't have to tell you this you know what blair walsh failed to do in the playoffs a few years ago so with that as the backdrop should there be concerned about kyw four beth missed who feel goes on sunday against the rams.

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