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On the go WTO never miss a moment Hello there I'm Ian Crawford teddy gelman is at the producer's desk wired by IBW local 26 now recruiting experienced electricians to join their ranks just ahead the UN plans to hold two emergency meetings on Monday following in order to put Russian nuclear forces on special alert a special report second away It's very close to my heart Ukrainian Americans at a local beer garden are raising money for their homeland I'm Luke luker Local gym owners react to prince George's county lifting its mask mandate I'm Valerie von WTO news time four 31 CBS News special report for the first time in 40 years the UN General Assembly will hold an emergency meeting today as Russia readies its nuclear arsenal U.S. ambassador Linda Thomas Greenfield We urge Russia To tone down its dangerous rhetoric regarding nuclear weapons President Biden is also said to talk to allies on deployments This as Russia's military pushes closer to Kyiv mayor vitali Klitschko says he's grateful to his people I see so many people with everybody proud of our army of Ukrainian who defend our city defend our homes depend our family But many people there are scared Many Ukrainians have been living a subterranean existence sleeping in subway stations to shelter from Russian missiles and air strikes And nearly 400,000 have already fled the country as CBS Holly Williams in Kyiv up to 5 million people are expected to leave CBS News special report I'm Monica ricks Russia's Central Bank is raising its key lending rate from 9.5 to an unprecedented 20% This after the ruble dropped 26% in early European trading we continue to follow the Ukrainian situation closely as we.

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