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With Walgreens as a preferred pharmacy restriction supply See Walgreens dot com slash Medicare for complete details One 48 Traffic and weather on the 8s to rob stallworth in the traffic center Looking good on the beltway in Virginia between McLean and Alexandria no problems on 66 for now as you make your way out of Gainesville headed in toward roslin traveling I 95 looks pretty good southbound leaving the Springfield interchange headed toward Fredericksburg still delays north Ben on I three 95 as a head past Pentagon up to and across the 14th street bridge earlier police activity completely clear just delays remain there In manassas the Prince William Parkway westbound near Yates Ford road that was reported across uncertain it may actually be on Yates Ford road near the Prince William Parkway blocking a lane if it is follow police direction in order to get around No problems in Maryland on the beltway through Montgomery or prince George's counties I 95 shop down there one 98 reported crash on founded year travel lanes are open traveling at this point on two 70 looks good leaving of course Frederick headed toward Rockville with nothing reported there BW Parkway still enjoying a good ride hydesville queens chaperoned Hamilton street to follow police direction for the crash in the intersection route 50 across the bay bridge in both directions still with the wind restriction in effect west bent on the bay bridge a left lane was blocked for maintenance no problems being reported on three O one as you leave of course brandywine headed toward the Harry nice mag Middleton bridge you're traveling to open just some wind warnings in effect there and if you're traveling at this point on two ten you are clear northbound leaving akiki headed toward fort Washington with all your travel lanes reported to be available to you and running pretty decently right now Ashley homestore super savings mattress event is going on now hit up to 25% off on select mattresses hurry in for better sleep and savings Ashley home store This is home I'm rob stallworth WT traffic And now to storm team four meteorologists Mike stenosis Partly to mostly sunny skies this afternoon that gusty wind will continue at times Wind gusts over.

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