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Sixers, Al Horford, Kristie discussed on Kirk & Callahan


Ball hit back i think the coach made a bunch of bad decisions but it's terrible he's screwed either way because he's not getting any help sports so we call it a bad play so then the seventy sixers get another chance to really to be back in this game ben simmons takes the ball out he throws it to joel embiid who's covered by by al horford who has been smoking him running around him through him all all series long and he throws a it's a bad pass it's a crappy pass you can't anticipate and recognize that al horford is faster than well why i'm kristie but it's the players listen sorry if you've got a stupid coach you get stupid players got five seconds ago you talking about the game into the game so five seconds to go the they run a pick low picked to get embiid free at the three point line with five seconds to goes isolation everybody was in the corners that was the play the play with five seconds ago that he drew up was joel embiid the top of the key one on one verse al horford what is that what we're doing though is that that was the play okay that was the place up there i agree with you that was reportedly you tell me a basketball inbounds play that only has one option that was ever one option one option on an inbound play there's always christie four options that was it everybody ran to the sidelines and the corners and it was only to get and beat the ball i hit it but when if that if that guy's covered you don't throw it to him there's not my point is yes i agree with both of you guys but his players there's no i believe they had another option they're not just going to sit in the corner watch paint dry they don't do that in a coach an elementary school coach will always have a second option.

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Sixers, Al Horford, Kristie discussed on Kirk & Callahan

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