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Off the cuff kind of say. Oh i'm so sorry to trouble you but in chinese. That's very common like when you ask somebody to do a favor or when someone just does something nice for you can same off any i so sorry to trouble you and it's just a very kind and generous kind of recognition of someone. Doing something for you. Yes although i would take exception to say that. The americans are not polite. I think americans can be very friendly and polite. Of course mary friendly. The brits use politeness as a weapon sometimes allowed to say that. But i will agree with you. What is your favorite destination within. China ewing an and shangrila where. It's the switzerland of china absolutely stunning every other person when alison. That question says none. So i think i should. I should call this podcast. Mosaic of union. Yeah it's something else isn't it. I would say if everyone says that's the right answer. I mean you're not is so diverse. I had my honeymoon and xishuangbanna which is basically sub-tropical and we were in the rain forest in an orchid forest and then i've also been to the northern parts around shangrila up into the snow capped mountains all in one province and everything between great next question if you left china which to you is actually the reality right now hopefully temporarily and not for much longer. What would you miss the most. And what would you miss the least so i should reword that to what do you miss the most and what do you miss the least the people and the people so chinese are not great as strangers. Americans are very friendly and have a warmth to them that you can have some kind of friendly interaction with a stranger which i think makes just walking around the city feel like more of a community and yet chinese while they can be quite cold and selfish to strangers. They are so warm and generous as soon as you are on any kind of friendly terms with them you go to their house and they will cook you a banquet and take care of you and so that kind of warmth and generosity is something that struck me as a student when i first went to china and lived in nanjing and so i would say that i don't miss being a stranger in china but i do miss being a friend lovely and there's quite a theme isn't there because we're talking about this politeness we're talking about it in the context of america. Uk and china. You could also throw in japan as well. I think the japanese and the brits can be similar with a politeness but it still courteous what they have in china. It lacks the courtesy in many ways. It's more honest because you know. The brits don't care about you as a stranger either. But you really feel here don't you. I wouldn't say ad exchange it for british strangers. either they're both somewhat cold. Yes actually. I would prefer the chinese one because you know where they stand exactly exactly. On the metro in shanghai you are going to be steamrollered by a chinese stranger in the metro in london. You're not going to have anyone making eye contact with you. It's a very different kind of rudeness right. Is there anything that still surprises. You about life in china now sicom. I guess the equipment would be if anything that surprised you about life in the us. In that case more. So because i have literally spent the last half of my life in china so being here there are more surprises. I have been the recipient of so much generosity here during kobe and warmth from strangers. Who heard my story and would deliver food and clothing for my daughter and a bicycle and babysitting. I mean it's been astonishing. Am i've noticed we've been talking that. Sometimes you refer to shanghai as chairman and sometimes you're saying home is in the room you're in now do you. Have this bifurcated home existence or actually it just depends on. Where are i very much. Feel that both places are home. I don't feel more or less comfortable. Nice next one's going to be a hard one for you. What is your favorite place to go out to drink or eat or hang out. I'll just say one place that i love. Which was a cocktail bar. Used to go to every friday with my girlfriends for years. And that's senator saloon in the french concession grid. They make perfect classic cocktails including my signature. Drink the sidecar mind. One is the basil gimblett that they do they do. And it's just consistent. Every time i love the bartenders there. I love the guy who founded it. David schroeder brilliant american bartender and specialist. And they also have the most amazing bar snacks out of any bar. Even the free chips they give you seem to be elevated small imperfect. Nice what is your favorite. Which at sticker right. Oh i like this. That's very good. This is just a handy sticker because and we chat groups often people will like accidentally send something or say something inappropriate and you just need to have a sticker for that occasion. It literally happens like every day. So that's just a fun one. Could you quickly describe it. So this is a sticker that has just a giant button that says on c. says it's person is just frantically tapping button. Unsee unsee unsee unsealing. Please just take me back to five seconds previous and time and let me not have seen that thing. I've never seen this youth. I love it. I'm gonna start using it totally. How can i not next question. What is your go-to song to sing at k tv. I would rather stab my eyes out with forks. then go to k. tv you have obviously been though you haven't been able to avoid it entirely. I really have only been maybe three times in my early career in china before i realized that i will never go again. People who don't get paid to sing should not seeing what about in your daily life if you're having a shower if you're listening on the street. Do you have a song that you like to say. Well i'm thinking of a song that nobody will know. But it's a sound by a wonderful folksinger which have been listening to a bit more. Recently her name is katie. Curtis and the song is called magnolia. street song. She's an amazing singer songwriter. I love acoustic guitar focusing. Yes and finally what other china-related media all sources of information do you rely on what i do. Love the more long form writing about china in the new yorker so i will read their essays written by some of the top writers like peter hessler. Well thank you very much crystal. Thank you oscar. It's really been a pleasure. I feel like i could talk to you for two more hours. Thank you so much. The only question i would have left to ask. You is out of everyone who you know in china. Who would you recommend that. I interviewed for the next season of mistake of china. I would really love to recommend my dear friend. Ricki.

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