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Is Kinda coming into a scenario that only quarterback dream. He has the highest. Potential ceiling in my opinion to have a good year his first year. where? There are a lot of quality players around him. Already as you know Hunter Henry is a really really good tight in who just got franchise tagged, but he's one of the his franchise tag makes him the highest paid. Tied in in the League, currently, as far as on a per year basis. And then. You know they also have. A? Really really good bevy of receivers. They have so many receivers on their team. They all can do a whole lot, and of course they just. Got The best value running back. They just signed him as far as they resigned. Yet, Austin neck layer is is a guy that really can help. A young quarterback really do a lot because he is capable of. Catching the backfield making people miss do a whole bunch of things and their offensive line. Although Philip rivers had some problems last year, but I don't think a lot of it had to do with Often Ryan more of Philip rivers decision making was. At a weird weird weird state last year. So. That team has a lot of potential to be really really good. And I'm not saying that we should expect her to take them to the playoffs or anything I just think that he has high potential to be great. If he, you know he develops that sort of direction. To attack low on the other hand. Although the roster isn't as bad as we see. From. We already know their defense has really improved. Which is great? You know the Guy Calvin. Noy, they did. Get The cornerback Dallas in free agency, but as far as office offense really hasn't changed too much. Did sign devante Parker to another no to an extension during the regular season, and we know pressing Williams during the regular season before his injury was looking pretty good. And Art Wilson can can do some things, but. It is kind of left to be desired kind of front. As far as their offensive capabilities, we know they win. After they picked up to where they went and got some wineman. Help, you know, bring the. Bring a little bit of against security so to speak. And That definitely. Helps with your Miami Fan, but I wouldn't suspect that he is going to light it up and I think it's GonNa take a while. Yeah. I mean hey, that's. I mean obviously it's obviously possible on. You know. Really really never know sometimes. It you just you just got to see some times. With I'm sure there's people. Who thought certain players will do worse at their star. Better player seems thought players would do. Great and they did bad so. We really don't know. We can only go off what we will we've seen in how bigalow translate it will just have to see how really it all comes together when opening day comes for the season, and they go ahead and play right, but we're going to go ahead and get into another break, and we'll come back and talk about ot as or lack thereof, this is the GMC. Check out the show that's built on the. From UFC, two extreme cage, biding their fights covered. Check out the GSM. See 'em podcast. Get the latest news on past or upcoming fights. Join US as we've talked to about some of the biggest names in MMA.

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