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As reported the last hour after Julian Assange was arrested. There was a data dump that he promised would be released if he was caught or killed and while there are tons of documents to sift through. There was a partial document that indicated that perhaps a base was being built on the moon or was built on the moon, and that it was destroyed by the Soviet Union, and this was dated in nineteen seventy nine the documents published by WikiLeaks at it clearly implied United States had a secret base on the moon, and it was destroyed by Russia. It's what many interesting documents that have suggested that a lot of strange things are going on especially when it comes to the moon. And if you want to look up any of this information, you can find it the WikiLeaks documents. It's titled report that you are. That's russia. USSR report that you are destroyed a secret moon base. And while the entire document is not electron ick. There is a way that the document could be obtained through the freedom of information act. Now, if you go to the WikiLeaks side, or you go to ground zero media dot org, look at the. Notes tonight, four sixteen nineteenth stratosphere the secret space war. If you look at that, you'll see that there is a link to the document. Now, you see the entry details report regarding a possible space war. That is either taking place now or that has taken place, and that this may be the reason why things have slowed down with regard to the moon. Okay. That the reason why many things have been destroyed so many things are creating problems is because of the fact that we have been trying to clean up and prepare for another moon shot. But maybe there was a war or something happening on the moon in nineteen seventy nine according to this document, the dog Matata loan only exposes the reality of these alleged wars. But the possibility of a secret moon base belonging to the United States apparently was in operation fill. It was destroyed by the U R or the Soviet Union. That is a very compelling. Claim because we reported in two thousand sixteen we got our hands on documents that indicated that in nineteen sixty three. There was a project to build a space station on the moon, and it was already underway to WikiLeaks report states that perhaps the destruction of the moon base happened in nineteen seventy nine and the paper was declassified reviewed by Cheryl P, Walter in two thousand twelve. I just wanted to go to the cable here that's available and. Apparently this cable was sent to Samuel L Devine and someone I did some research on who he was here. It is right here. Samuel divine. Who died in nineteen ninety seven was an American politician for the Republican party who served in the United States house of representatives as the Representative of the twelfth congressional district of Ohio from January third nineteen fifty nine until the third January third nineteen Eighty-one he left office after being defeated by democrat. Bob Szymanski who lose the seat after single term to Republican John Kasich's during the ninety six congress. He was chairman of the House Republican conference. If you want to look him up. He's on Wikipedia. We got that from Wikipedia. There's nothing here it talks about him involved with some sort of private organization or something having to do with the moon. However, he was involved in well people involved in official business with Ohio. Probably right Patterson. I wouldn't know nothing is about this. But the the the cable sent from WikiLeaks. He's definitely to divine Samuel divine. It has a authorization code idea. It's piece seven nine zero zero one one dash one two four seven underscore e unclassified reviewed and marked by shirl P. Walter declassified release US department of state e systematic review seventeen December twenty twelve classification on classified report that you are destroyed secret base on moon. Nineteen Seventy-nine January twenty four a Wednesday. And this is partially the the I guess the splash here says that you can receive or get information on text or microfilm with regard to this. And it's not all electric. So if we needed to have more information, you'd have to file a freedom of information act request to get this document from the WikiLeaks dump, but what's interesting about this is that as I said before we reported in two thousand sixteen that we got our hands on some documents that indicated that in nineteen sixty three there was a project or a project that was proposed in the nineteen. Fifties of a space station, the moon it was through the project horizons. Project raisins, and of course, Wernher von Braun and others were involved with the WikiLeaks report states that perhaps the destruction of the moon base happened in nineteen seventy nine the papers declassified by shirl. Walter Samuel divine is also mentioned in two thousand sixteen I reported the United States was already planning a space station on if not already constructing lunar outpost in nineteen sixty three. Of course, this was before the manned Apollo program project to rise in it was about a military outpost. It was supposed to be placed on the moon outlined by Werner von Braun. Now, if you were listening to the program, we were reading that according to a document called the lunatic document that we also have on the national security administration, and is the document that you know, is easily found we're gonna put in our library. It says here that the lunar expedition was scheduled for nineteen sixty seven. It says the lunar expedition has his objective Mannix ratio to the moon with the first band landing and return in. Late nineteen sixty seven this achievement. If accomplished before the USSR. Will serve to demonstrate conclusively that this station progresses or possesses. The capability when future competition technology no space achievement short of its goal will have equal technological significance historically impact or excite the entire world. It also states the military has a broad technological perspective with regards to a base on the moon that would be erected in ready to go by nineteen sixty nine. The astronauts did go to the moon at least according to this. Or the astronauts went to the moon in nineteen sixty nine maybe to meet up with this base, or at least to work in this base. But according to the document by WikiLeaks this base was destroyed in nineteen seventy nine now as I said earlier. I was involved with the taping of array of the interview it's supposed to be a television program. It's supposed to be scheduled in may, we're not we have a tentative title, but we're not going to give it out. But apparently it was with Mike Bara. And of course, we had Leland Melvin with who is a retired shuttle astronaut who came into the studio was interviewed. I wanted to invite Mike on the program tonight. We didn't get a hold of of Leland. But Mike is with us tonight. Mike bar welcome to ground zero for have any back. I really appreciate it. Now, I called on you to come on the program because of our relationship we have with his TV program and the moon mysteries that are that we discussed now, I know that some amazing things were discussed what we were here. But what do you think of documents in these new documents and Balik that I just sent out to you tonight? Well, I have a couple of questions I do question. Whether you are really does mean USSR they could. But I don't know that we've established that. And that's one thing I'd like to establish it sort of, you know, is that is that a code language are there other documents where the Soviet Union is referred to as you are which may just be shorthand for you as SR. So or it could mean it could mean to me something like, you know, I don't know Uruguay, or maybe this was a report that came from another country that had you know, they had heard this information that this ad had taken place. And of course, we don't actually have the document. It does state that it's on microfilm. And you know, that's clearly something that we have to get our hands on to really know. What's in it? But I mean, look, let's face facts, Wiki leaks. Their track record is a section. Hey, they have never ever published a false document for story that turned out to be false. One hundred percent track record. And in fact, there are a lot of people, you know, in the in the conservative media on Twitter that have repeatedly pointed that out, so you can't really say that Wiki leaks is got a record of perfection and then dismissed document. So this thing really does exist. And it really does make a report that American secret space program base was destroyed by the Russians by the Soviet Union. And maybe sounds like nineteen seventy nine then, I think he got something extraordinary. I think you have absolute concrete free that secret space programs, or at least a secret space program exists, and that's extrordinary extrordinary. And with all the other documents. I mean, the documents that we exchange with each other on this television program when we were together was definitely from. It was from the national security administration. These were documents classified. Including the next program but wanted to moonshot in nineteen sixty seven now over the today. But then I also said I hope bronze sent you. These pictures of the documents proposed by the Boeing company of Washington that say that nineteen sixty three was the date. They were going to start building a moon base, and it would be operational by nineteen sixty nine. And here's the thing that occurs to me when you mentioned that. Yeah. I did get them. And I haven't had a chance to over in super detail, but I did get him. And I I did go through them. What those documents really say is that there's a plan to build a moon base reminds me of that old British TV show UFO that they have the secret base on the moon. You know, the the girl with the hair from. And there was a moon base, you know, on on the lunar surface. And it certainly lays out a plan to to execute that. And and when you think about that in the context of this report, it almost pass to be that almost has to be that program that tender for wishing. And that base was built and was destroyed what ten eleven twelve years later after it came in into being, and I know that it is a fairly well established fact that Gus Grissom, you know, not all he complain about a lot to a lot of people about Apollo one. You probably won't fire, you know, the risks of that they were taking with the Apollo program because of the Apollo one spacecraft, but he was heard to say apparently more than once, you know, look, we're just stamina Kansas all Republic relations aim already done to the moon. They already know what's there? And we're just out there. You know, basically going up in these trimming of rockets when they've got a lot. Lot better stuff than this already. And we're already on the moon. So he was heard to complain about that stuff way before nineteen sixty seven. Wow. This is amazing stuff. Michael Barone with us tonight on ground zero triple eight six seven three thirty seven hundred triple eight six seven three thirty seven.

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