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All right, let's look ahead here on the weekend. If you haven't seen 2000 mules, you should. I gather it's the biggest documentary box office in 15 years. Salem is the executive producer of that movie. I have not seen it, but apparently millions of you have and you can get it from Salem now, but I think a lot of you ought to go to the theaters because we're trying to get the theaters back open. We really are trying to get the theaters back open and getting people to go back to the movies. I'm going to see a film on Sunday with the fetching misses Hewitt. We don't even know what it is. It's just that we feel like we want theaters to go back and open up. 2000 mules doing very well head over to them now if you want to watch it in the privacy of your own home or do a movie theater. Count up later on the show, I got admiral stab is in. The poor, I don't feel bad for the Russians. I feel bad for the crazy Russian soldiers. There is a story in the telegraph of Great Britain today. An entire battalion and again, I am not, I'm a civilian civilian, meaning I don't even know how to spell civilian, much less anything going on in the army. And the Russian army. But I know that when a battalion gets wiped out, trying to cross a river, that's not good for morale. So they tried to cross the river. It's in the telegraph, I tweeted it out. You should be following me on Twitter. And they got pushed back 20 clicks from 30 clicks, which in my mind I quickly estimate to be about 18 miles because the ten K is 6.2 miles and so 30 clicks must be about 18.6 miles. So Ukraine's are pushing back the Russians all over the place. They're in a static front in the Donbass, which is, you know, I couldn't draw the Donbass on a map. I know where Ukraine and Russia is, but it's part of Ukraine. And I couldn't get it right now where it is roughly. It doesn't get to Odessa. And only a part not a God, this is from the financial time. Military briefing can Ukraine push the Russian army from the country. Even that being written is something that's extraordinary. This morning, fear is clashes and the jeanine area in Israel. As Palestinians without automatic weapons open fire on the IDF, that is not a good way to stay alive till Saturday. Palestinians. The arrests of cardinal zen. Now, cardinal zen is one of my heroes. He has been boldly and bravely witnessing for the gospel and representing the Roman Catholic Church in Hong Kong for a long time. Colonel zen is 90 years old. He's a nice little old man. He's wonderful. Nice guy, wonderful man of God. And he's inspiring and he believes in the right of Catholics to have mass in Hong Kong and in free speech. So he demonstrated with about, it looks like 20 people. He held up a sign. And they arrested him. There is a cardinal zen. He's 90 years old. What's that? Tell you about the regime in China. I got to get secretary Pompeo on. Because that regime is fragile. That regime is very, very fragile. The U.S. embraces Finland's move towards NATO membership. You betcha. And here's another first. I have signed a joint letter since 9 11. I was on the arrow 9 11. After that, people want to do joint letters. I've always said no, thank you. I have just not a joint letter. I don't join groups. I'm not a member of the federalist society. I just do my own thing so that I can be a broadcast person without conflicts. But I signed a joint letter in the national review. America's crisis of self doubt. It's about going back to the declaration and the constitution and the founding principles because that's the only way to resurrect American education in American prosperity and American opportunity. So I have put that on my Twitter feed from national review America's crisis of self doubt. It is a wonderful statement. I didn't write it. I may have given a suggestion a couple of months ago for a period or a comma, but rich Lowry my hat is off to you and I'm proud to be among the company that signed it. America's crisis of self doubt come right back. I'm Hugh Hewitt..

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