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If you can have your convention anywhere and cities are going to bend over backwards to accommodate you for that kind of money why would you want to have your employees walk up their hotel room door and see poop and have us some aggressive bomb in their face to do that well in in honestly Dave this is bubbled up from the bottom all the attendees at the conference they've gone oracle not all of them but a lot of them and said Hey it's just too scary I'm just freaked out and I can't go out there I stepped in who can we go somewhere else please at some point FCM four million dollar hit me think that get somebody's attention anyway news now March available justice department's inspector general is testifying on Capitol Hill today Michael Horowitz and his report released this week in Lindsey Graham is grilling Horowitz of the significant inaccuracies animations in the FBI FISA applications to monitor former campaign adviser Carter page January twenty seventeen the whole foundation for surveilling Carter page collapses exculpatory information is ignored they lied to the court about what the interview was all about is that a fair summary so far don I'll they certainly misled the the way was misleading to the court okay look where an up in in January about six months later when they find more information that could be helpful to Mr page they lie about it do you feel like Mr page was treated fairly by the department justice and the FBI I don't think the department justice fairly treated these vices and he was on the receiving end of it you would not want to be on the receiving end this would you I would not want agents were anybody failing to put forward all the information they're obligated to tell the court on good lord people leave trump out of this story he asked me I'd have misled chords so that they can spy on people he don't want that to happen to anybody no matter how much you a troll Graham going on just give a warning I'd hate to lose the ability of the FISA court operated a time problem we need it the most but after your report I.

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