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At eight josh one i will give you or any of our listeners a great white paper called the total portfolio solution and if you're concerned with potential volatility my good buddy steve blumenthal has created something called enhanced multiple portfolio theory and he says it's possible to construct portfolios offering a more conservative level of risk in this high market i would favor smallcap over large value over growth to generally answer your question but we have to figure in what degrees so let's say you're really conservative a lot of 401k's are now offering guaranteed income options you may not have that available so some of the 401k's that we're offering our now having a guaranteed interest account of two point seven to three percent so that might be a bond allocation so you know maybe you put forty percent at three percent you follow forty two point seven percent and the other sixty percent maybe ten percent and small cap value ten percents small cap growth timber sent large cap value ten percent emerging markets ten percent china you know ten percent japan if you want some juice but we would go over each and every 401k holding for you we would put it on our model and do some stress tests to see if there would be you know how resilient you would be if we experienced greater turmoil in the markets does that help you yes it does another ballpark my wife and i make about one fifty a year we have about seven hundred thousand in 401k's and i mean we're gonna eat cat food at sixty five or are we sort of you know plugging away okay if you make about one fifty year and you've maxed out your social security you're gonna probably get about sixty grants a couple on social security that's if you're lucky you may be at about forty five thousand of social security depending on how much she worked because generally women get penalized on social security because they don't have as many work credits because if they stay at home for a period of time so that's the metoo movement with social security but nobody's talking about that so let's say you get forty five thousand from social security on a seven.

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