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One hundred dollars. To get to the war, the fuck! Do they think they are? It's. Like you know like it's hard, because like people just don't understand like tha, declan money means absolutely nothing like he doesn't care. The kid likes to eat sweets. It's like it's different for. Right now you're supposed to make your own. Incheon judges that hundred dollar tooth hundred. After after having quite a few conversations with people there, nobody judging me now. They all feel like assholes so I wanNA know who wants to. Any more. I'm just saying like the. moyle kids. Let's name them facebook all I. Know who is to shame the to shame. Shame missing one thing I think. I've learned with having kids with autism. Is that not everybody has grown up in this world knowing what it's like to have a kid. That's different. It's honestly like I just have to realize that and explain to them. What's going on because when I explain it, then they get it and I'm like I'm hoping them out in the future. Yes, you. Contact with somebody because. I didn't know any of this stuff and I thought you know. Those condos these types of things I want you to bring it to the show. For listeners and stuff, too, because we can educate through a show like this to in a good way and gives perspective. That's why we love hearing you talk about. Family Yeah. It's just like. Like I try really hard not to take offense to some things when people make little like like. kind of underhanded comments and stuff like but I found like evenly. My grandma got never. Part is like eighty three eighty four years old now. and she tried so hard to learn this stuff by by reading articles and things like. And then once I explained to her. She ends going all her girlfriends and trying to like we're them like you know. He does this in this in this, and it's so cute to hear her. Say This because a lot of people's generation. They don't know and you got. You GotTa, Know People's intentions. Unintentionally could say or do something, but they don't mean it. You know what I'm saying because if you don't have enough enough information on it, it's you know Oh and believe me when I get all the information I can see the people that are genuinely feel like such crasher. You know it's like they just didn't get it or understand, but and it should be pretty much everybody because you shouldn't be hanging out with assholes. What I'm saying I'm we? I'm? Like people hang out with people I come in contact with like if they see my kid like at the store, and he's in the Middle Aisle flapping his arms, because he's excited about something, and then he starts stemming off of the straight lines, and they don't get it, and they're like what's wrong with them. Sling nothing. He's excited about the fact that we have cookies in our carton now and now he's seeing all the straight lines from the cart. You know this and. He likes to look at it and he's calm, so lead me on. and. But. You, know it is what it is. You don't always have to find yourself either. No but I feel like when I do at least then another kid i. Feel the because I in hurts like yeah I. Mean it's not. It's not fun or easy. It's just different like I. See some people the. Driving those crazy is when I see people that are just. Like on TV and stuff, the most eft up parents, and like they did nothing right in their kids turn out speaking on time and hitting milestones on time, and everything is just going so great, and it's like here are trying so hard. Trying to do all the right things, and it's just a harder road for us, but I also think that the rewards of them reaching. Way Great. Change anything I'm a firm believer that you guys are their parents for a reason. You know what I'm saying so. Do a job education what you can do in learn perspective. There's also another perspective that's in my opinion, much more valuable, and it's it's a family. Yeah, it's so weird because growing up like you need can ask all. My friends experience I. Never thought I'd have kids. First of all because I, I was always very selfish, very impatient and now. Being in my situation when they see me. I can't believe the same person, but it changes you like you know you have to step up you always. Had, a big heart though you know what I'm saying like you've always been. You've always been a good person. Thanks Charlie you have I'm being here so. I don't be nice a lot. You think about other people in probably put other people ahead. Which is being apparent? That's that's one of the true statements of being a parent is putting them ahead of yourself heading putting them ahead here. Now we're like everything. It kind of other things go by the wayside like my thank God I have such understanding Burns I. I can't call them all time 'cause and then when they start not as you. It kills you inside. This might be the one podcast for doing need fuck and Mister Rogers. Right provide balance slow. We never beat them. We never need them. You just do it. Always we don't do. You sometimes, we need miserotti up in his. Own every time after. I leave here, we'll talk about Mister Rogers, skin, facebook, and assured of Mister Rogers. Washing his feet in the bathtub. Cursed the. Pope whatever I'm like. I got a phone Co. pop right over there Mister Rogers. Should put him over here. He's going to be over here with thing when you take a break. We'll do office. I took some fun Trivia. The, okay. Yeah, that's great idea. We'll be back. Right after this these messages. Open. Berko. In. Data! When you're? From..

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