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Albert Einstein, English Arnson, Tony discussed on Heartland Radio 2.0


Zito and I in a listener are correct, and you're wrong again, Tony. Why would I be wrong because you tried the fact? Check us were wrong I just I literally before the start said that I did not. So you're telling me bobby ops Yup Einstein worked on it to an MC squared got together a group of them. Their lab at. Believers out in the desert. In, Nevada? Nevada New Mexico, be honest. I probably put money. Einstein was not living in the. Other guy. And he was a US now. I always thought. English Arnson was English. I would bet that he also grew up. Albert Einstein was English. Yeah, I thought for sure He. Also groped probably the. Probably thought that he would have grown up in the seventeen eighteen hundreds. Summary. Fair enough apparently is. Not Right I just think that born one thousand, nine, hundred in my brain, just assume. That the. Hundreds. People have figured out that e Eagles MC squared many many many years. We made some big leaps my friend. We did that see that's something I'm thinking I should. But you know you're probably not alone. I think that's probably like. Eighty so I pretty much correct. Your..

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