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Ten minutes on WCBS little breezy out there this evening meteorologist Frank straight brisket chilly for the rest of the night. Skies will be partly cloudy. We'll drop to forty five at midtown near forty in the outlying areas, then tomorrow, we stay must read chilly despite a good deal of sunshine. High B fifty four tomorrow night will be mainly clear, brisk and colder, low near forty in midtown with thirties across the Hudson valley risk sketchily again for Thursday, mainly sunny with a high near fifty eight chilly for Friday clouds will increase the head of the potential potent storm affecting the area giving us on ugly spell with some wind driven and cold. Heavy rain on Saturday. Right now, it's fifty three in midtown under partly cloudy skies. Again, we're dropping to forty five tonight. And it looks as though the chillier air moving in nightsticks sticks around for a while back to you leave on. It's nine ten will be here in the next hour. It's still a mystery. The death of a Long Island attorney who is visiting the Turks in Keiko's islands are Sophia hall has been talking with the attorneys family members about her tragic death. Marie cou LA lived on a quiet well-manicured street here in one top. She was an attorney for the Suffolk County legal aid society, her sister Claire tells me she had lunch with her a few days before Kula left for Turkson Keiko's on a girl's trip. She couldn't wait had everything down. She was so excited. She said, I really need this, you know, to go I really need some some time to decompress. Sitter sister was a beautiful person lenders loss for me. I just feel numb and it just feels like it's not real right now. Clear tells me the information from the Turks and Keiko's police has been. Limited autopsy on Friday. They called us on Saturday to tell us that the cause of death was strangulation yet. They won't tell us any information surrounding whether there's a suspect how do they know Sophea hall WCBS NewsRadio eight eighty nine eleven if you don't dispose of the unused or expired prescription drugs in your home. They might find a new one they.

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