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Remains organic and authentic, She says. She usually watches an episode picks up her guitar strums along And in that process, she finds the theme for the episode. I don't know about you, Julie. But after the first couple of seasons, I thought, OK, That's enough. They're just playing on my emotions too much. And too many backstories. I kind of had it with this is us, but I guess you haven't have you. Not yet in the back stories make it interesting, I think. Yeah, I know, but I think and I run out. Well, I guess they are. I think they've already said they're only going to do they're gonna do six seasons the cast. They know how it's going to end. On day after six that'll be it, But I kind of think I think because it plays on your heart strings so much that They wore me out after a couple of seasons, but everybody in my family still fill digs it. Julie will get you a WGN radio retro logo T shirt. You'll love it. It's a soft fabric, a lovely powder blue and you can wear it while you're Sleeping or working, or whatever you do there in Warrenville. What do you think This is that you're watching? This is us here. You can cry right on the T shirt. Are you going to work today? Julie? Am I work at a school? I'm a school secretary of the scenery in school and warned Bill here. We're getting the faculty with us. How are things at your place? Going? Well, we have that we have been in person since August. Uh, we were able to set the kids so that they're 6 ft apart. And everybody wears mass and so far so good. All right. Well, I hope you keep it that way. And thanks for the work you do, Julie and way to go. Hold on. We'll get your address. We can Send you the prize. Thank you so much bad. Thank you. Have a good day. Hold on. They're drilling. It is 6 45 and coming up. If you missed the end of our broadcast yesterday, we had a chance to Talked to the brand new Marquis Cubs announcer John Boobs Sham Be and he He's gonna be a lot of fun, isn't he, Dave? I mean, you can. You can just tell from our from the conversation we had yesterday. He's I think the right guy for the right job. I think he will be. I think he approaches it with a sense of humor, and I think he'll be a Good list. We'll let you hear how it went yesterday, coming up momentarily. Few morning updates first, starting with another chilly start to the day, Steve looks like it's gonna be chilly all day. Today We have some fog out there again this morning and maybe even.

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