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Jada, but you know what I noticed that he didn't show that overthrow the Zeke that we're for pick six. I notice he didn't show that. You know, I think that was in desert. Thank you was I was looking for Dan, did you see this? What are they doing? You wanna talk about not on the same page, not on the same wave link. It's just horrendous. This is when I just sat back and said, just get it over with just just put me out of my misery. I don't wanna see him anymore. They've doesn't normally run rough, like not like that. So all you do what we call the short crow, you go five. You gotta talk. I don't know where you are. No, just go sit up right in that thought he was he'd sat down, but what about that overthrow did pick sick? So who fought with it? Hey, what about first and goal at the three and you wind up with a thirty one yard, thirty, four yard field goal and Dan Bailey missed it. You remember that? Okay, I don't want to talk about the to talk about. I don't want him. It was one of those things where he's trying to get it to. Lord of the dance all the league. No, he was trying to hit dead. K. believe in the end. Obviously there's no more Dez Bryant, but it's a collection number three. So with those collection of number three receivers, including, I hope Brice Butler. I don't know if you'll be ready to go by then guys, we're about by fourteen fourteen. I'm not gonna get doing the reverse bet like reports. About fourteen. Why would I do that? You're saying that Seattle's a bunch of bomb need fourteen okay. Well I'm not going to do that because it be stew a stew on my wall. I think it's going to be a battle. You got dead bresca. He got Russell Wilson. No deck makes magic that predator rose. He isn't there. I wouldn't say that. I wouldn't say that I wouldn't even I would eat a lot. Hey, hastens won a Super Bowl and played in to play great in another way. He did late rate. He just got Brady in the other one, though. Pino old Radi hundred zero yards in the fourth Caroline because I don't know why Pete Carroll Darrow bell. You know what I still I'm still upset like Richard Sherman, Richard Sherman property Darrow bubble p Kelly, mice. Both of. Well, that team got split round that quarterback, right. Okay. I'm not gonna give you any points. I'm not. I just wanna w you want be able to eat at your restaurant and this is going to be survival Motors, Bailey you, you watch them the last two we I have. So it's the Bobby Wagner and k j right? Run out there on the field. In the twelfth man goes berserk, go beserk behooves block it for Russ Walter Jones, coming back fate. Hundred asks who's blocking for Dak. That might be a better question. You gotta tie million. Million mar really Martin? Yeah, there used to be first of all of them the last time they got to say this. I did this that Comiskey last night. Who Seattle? Yeah, I can't remember. Did they sing up on? Nobody knows clip able no Bennett. What's his name from Penn State? I can't think of his name. He's pretty good. They got one. Yeah, Clark? Yeah. He was leased creating some havoc last night. I'm not. You should be ashamed of yourself chains parent up, tempt to inspire the Seahawks and get to give you points. I don't do rob Parker bets. You know Seattle one point favorites point on point yesterday it was three. So now after people saw them last night, it goes. Give me a level. I'm not gonna give you enough. Then I mean zero poor skin testing. You've been to Dallas even because I, I wish I might on my squad. Somebody I know. Okay. We have some breaking news this morning. I'll figure this out later a boycott at the pro football fame, we'll discuss. We have some breaking news this morning. Our rob Parker reported that some members of the pro football hall of fame have threatened to boycott next year ceremonies unless they are given an annual salary health insurance and a share.

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