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It has been a tough parade of outcomes who was a report on abc news world news tonight june july sixteen th reporting a june from st paul minnesota minnesota on the verge jury verdict jury's verdict in the trial of your annoy janas for the killing of philander casteel tonight our family outraged after minnesota jury acquitted the officer who fatally shot the lando casteel nomads before this infamous video with lives on facebook by his girlfriend a licensed to carry he was trying to get out his ideas wildly out his pocket so much video more came after that uh jury a result and so many questions university of cincinnati police officer ray tensing was tried twice for the 2015 of santa boasts an unarmed 43yearold black man father of thirteen last week for the second time a mistrial was declared by the way wasn't one or two holdout jurors who caused the deadlocked jury was evenly split here's a bit from that shooting and the latest the talk after the trial aftermath clear what some see as a clear case of excessive force former university of cincinnati police officer ray tensing opening fire on unarmed drivers sam dubos has once again confounded in ohio jury the case ended in a mistrial for the second time as prosecutors argue tensing claimed he was in danger at last week also former milwaukee police officer dominique hagan round found not guilty of first degree reckless homicide who the shooting of 23yearold civil smith at a traffic stop here's the sound the judge reading out the jury's verdict of not.

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