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Quickly that you can have the buy in I love games that lets you fire as fast as you the Biden second tap pretty fast. It's like a Falcon to in perfect dark the first thing that came to mind. So I way growing up, it's where all the enemies in front of me I would just tap the button is fastened good number. One's dead within like five seconds is great a lot better when I learned that but it was fun at first. I mean what's cool seeing enemies that I know characters that I know from star wars different raises like he's not it's the levels are very confusing like there's no there's nothing to tell you go here or do this. You just Kinda have to have that little Mendel Mendel Laurean knife to help you know where you're supposed to go but that didn't really help me very much south Oeser for I. Think. So there's pickups. Tell you what they are well. Although say. So what happened for me was like really early on I looked up just like a guide to it to see what I would like to just like acquainted and it told me things that I swear it never told you about like how the bounties work how to use some of the different weapons like I was like in chapter four before I figured out what the poison darts were like i. just it looks like shards of glass in your memory and they kill any. Animal enemy in one hit. So those like pouncing tiger things become trivial with those in his life, but they never tells you that or if it did I missed it but Yeah. The mandatory and knife is like a like a way point when you hit that, that's where if you die, you continue from the last made oriented if you found and so they kinda tell you where to go if you can find those. Yeah. You guys are pretty decent size for a PS two game especially under really guest you game. Yeah. They're really big levels and I like how you can. You can kind of explore around a lot to especially if the jet pack which I thought, the jetpack was a ton of fun. And Humor, the jetpack is good except Void Jack. This I need. This is the most fun game I've had where you're like jet pack and shooting at the same time like..

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