Republican Party, Steve Taco, William Weld discussed on Boston Herald Radio


Republican party and they felt like they role in their time and money away while it is interesting certainly because looking at the names that i come from that election in in different ways certainly you know steve taco was the head guy with the builders union who came out in and had a lot of the details on on poor greg high it you know having conversations with no that he and staring into space in mathematically drinking coffee and then william weld when he became governor wanted to hire steve taco and there was little bit hullabaloo there did did ended up with coors all of them and certainly alert the other name by the way india card when you mentioned yes h w bush canceling his trip uh andy kind of course was working in the white house for but george bush the senior and was instrumental on saying mr president you don't want to go up to massachusetts now now want to be yeah he's second sas well if if you ask him he was looking after his president you know yes have to go anti questions about you don't the nominee and so forth so uh yeah i guess so i see what you mean because high it was his already on the roads how do you how to your come out of it yeah he added but then then the block says the anti with value semi they swimming in a weird nominee up there online deal with atta you know it's citrus and then high it really yet never regained his footing in terms of going off to vindicate himself boy the stories that come out involving greg hyatt after after that race just sorta get more and more disturbing and and somewhat depressing really dan when you were back to laiki and then then to high and then to switch flood there was almost like boil boy don't you republican nomination is is got a uh kind of a um a jinx to what you know that uh you don't want any any part of that and even at the senate level you know there were a couple of uh congress level there there a few other candidates who just didn't cover themselves with glory during that period so the overall brand of the nationalist republican party was uh was.

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