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He'll they have a handful of their top prospects. Shortstops between logan david. Sanan a gallon. Who's off the olympics right now. Playing virginia say robert hassan. And and you know they just drafted another high school kid shortstop in In the first round this year so they have a little bit more depth coming through us. So yeah i mean. I think you know if you look throughout the entirety of assists in. I'm sure that they have some guys would be attracted to other teams if that's that's the way they wanted to go but yeah i think it probably has to be the right fit in always. There's kind of that That financial consideration for them too well to wrap it up. Let's let's just drop some names and obviously you start with the teams that are not doing well and willing to give up players and you know for prospects. I mean the twins in by the way doesn't josh donaldson play for the twins with all the move chapman. Too short put taylor rogers. Is there the the twin of tyler. Rogers with net be cool in. San francisco's bullpen. A mentioned the diamond backs but the cubs have all kinds of kimberly mentioned. kris bryant. You know boy if he goes The southern california kid. But i imagine he'd be willing to go to the west coast as well. You know you hear about joey gallo. And somehow the padres are all in on him even though their rotation is probably the the bigger need the rockies You mentioned trevor story. The marlins They have startling. Morte Trae man sania. The orioles tigers have guys robbie grossman about him in the outfield coming back to oakland but And and of course beyond scherzer. There's plenty of other Pitchers cale gibson. You've mentioned susan mentioned. You know the sunny gray susan. You mentioned danny duffy. But there's quite a few but he'd be he'd be my second choice. Actually maybe after even sure sir there are a lot of guys that are available. Just gonna cost so it's gonna be really interesting few days. John i wanted to kind of go back and this is also include. Somme stuff to what i mentioned about sadie which is interesting mentioning that he does not want to offend. Sort of the clubhouse chemistry. Can you imagine a bay area analytics Baseball team president of operations saying anything about team chemistry but he one of the ways he learned that was the suspect is trade. Which i'm not sure they will admit but It's you know that gutted that team And as a in both ways you know took the heart out of the lineup. And then lester came in and it was not a fit mc clubhouse i don't you know no matter what the higher ups say so They're going to be careful with that and that that alone can be you want. A guy you know will fit in. And that's i think for the giants is a primo consideration. Because this is unselfish. A-team as i've ever seen maybe the most unselfish team and that You know even just adding aaron sanchez. back which i expect to happen today in the bullpen or role. He's not really all that crazy about even something like that could be something..

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