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Still some good prospects on the board there when we could have drafted at that at New Orleans pick that we ended up getting in the second round. But hey, we we turns. We turn the twenty twenty draft pool. Into a pretty interesting thing we have what two picks in every round except the first next year. So the fact that we were able to do something kind of weird like that. But awesome. We have so many directions we could go at it puts us in a really unique position. I'm not sure. If I felt the same way about the team. And like I always felt like we're we would be low at this time of year when we're looking at next year's draft capital or looking at. We're looking at aria starter here. I know you have no idea what I meant just their math unites set on purpose. All I heard was aria. And I just know what you're talking about. I'm not gonna talk about Dima thrones Kazan Ranchi not to be. I don't like it. You're not gonna Beijing into it. Right. America's got talent comes on pretty soon. Few weeks fat guide story or thank God. Some real programming's coming back on those juggling seriously biscuits. Dog eat the biscuit off its knows. I'm not sure what you guys hate on it so much. I think it's just because we spite you, and that's just one convenient avenue to do that. Have you ever watched mega talent toback? Yes. We all watched at least episode. Okay. And how are not inspired and moves by the golden buzzer. When the effective falls from the sky. I don't know about the golden buzzer turned what is going. Other is John. Jordan is Josh ragging shower. But it's the golden buzzer is Josh, wait. Let. So is this is this what you like shower beers so much because you're doing golden showers is Josh Rosen or golden it's a whole new territory for us, bro. Montrose, and is Lindley from enhanced like a really moving performance or a really knock your socks off performance each show each audition show, the one of the judges has the golden buzzer in her hints. If that participant that contest it really moves that judge or whoever it is usually one golden buzzer per show that judge can hit the buzzer and on manically that contestant goes straight through to the live show. The effect is dramatic like they hit the golden star playing music software is gonna Akron building-up prerecorded for addition. So you kinda get sensitive coming bills up in the goose slow interesting about the I'm John this can't you're building so much nut. Nut grow, the stop it. No pause it. And then all of a sudden though, I would later go boom Golan. Buzzer comes flying old and shower over place, golden show, shower everything. The person may get rain person golden buzzers crying on the state. That is what happened when the dolphins traded for Josh Rosen is so really moving moments. That's what Christian Wilkin stood in the Roger Goodell on stage. Speaking of Christian Wilkens. The renault. Josh rosen. Clearly, goodness, save this French. It doesn't take much to quarterback. The statements franchise QB inside Christian Wilkins who in their right mind. Let me just back up a step. What did we San Francisco radio draft the episode for the drought? I think it was a day or two before what we say. Remind me Matthew. I think you said that we were gonna draft Christian Wilkins in repeat that for the people in the MAC. Well, let me see a flak and use my Boston court back in act a little bit. It's australian. Oh, man. Hey. That reminds me your accent there like when you get drunk. You're acting. It's really thick Angie. Cincinnati out Rennick. You just have talking. I was wanting to tweet you Saturday 'cause the Bengals stick was at Paul stadium. But you could see Bridget you walked over and evacuate. And I wish I got three shot, but I couldn't. But the bridge was there lay should have my picture up on that bridge right now to be honest with the Kambli wash that bridge. It was ten a hill. Made you do those devastating game. Ryan tannehill. Remember that? There's no there's no way. Josh Rosen loses. I game. No, no, shoes the trails. Not.

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