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In Maryland, headed out of Baltimore. Good news is our crash that was south on the B W Parkway down after I won 95 Everything is now cleared and the delay has eased continuing on 95 south bound on the service road way for the I. C C. Accident Cleanup takes away the right lane you will find on I 70 East. There's no access to 29 north and the right through Lane is also blocked or late late last night early this morning we've had unfortunately, tractor trailer go off the roadway into the woods. Cleanup continues. Greenbelt Road West beforehand over Parkway past Frank for Dr we'd had accident activity reported. No worries on 4 95 4. Now as you make the ride throughout Maryland and Virginia, Virginia roadways you're doing pretty well. 66 95 3 95 off to a decent start at a Leesburg West Market Street is closed between Loudon Street in South King Street. They're usually scheduled to be there till about seven o'clock in the morning. The reminder there's no mark service on the pen, Camden or Brunswick lines. I'll be back Thursday morning. Same V R E not operating through Wednesday this week that resume the S schedule servicing plus Fredericksburg line trains 303 +07 On Thursday 13 stations on Metro closed inside the security perimeter. There is a full list at w t o p dot com Trains will continue on the rail. They just do not stop in those stations. Now you're in pretty decent shape so far trying to get into downtown. Obviously the multitude of closures that are around downtown. Just be aware and they're going to expand as we get closer to inauguration itself. Biggest one usually causes the delays in the third Street Tunnel with no access coming off the freeway or excuse me no access in the third Street tunnel to the exit for the U. S capitol. You'll also find we've had some trouble that late last week when the freeway westbound the access to Main Avenue. Was also blocked off and Potomac Park Police headquarters also closed. Stay with w. T o p all week for inauguration coverage presented by Penn Fed Credit Union Whether you're in uniform or not, you can apply today at Penn fed dot organ. Jack Taylor w T o p traffic. Let's.

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