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Thank you for listening. And I hope you enjoy this Nick VO in Kevin Johnson. It's lovely Laura, Nick stuff. Yes. That's always good. Just lovely and Hornets joins us. Now, you wanna you wanna plug the af docs before you do reviews. You wanna do it the other way whatever you want. Gee, I don't care, I left do both. Yes. I- docs, it's on. I'm on my way down there for today and tomorrow and Sunday. It's going to be a lot of fun. Where is that? So if people wanna go, it's mostly at landmark e street, they, they are showing movies at the naval memorial and, and the American history museum. But I just people just go to ASI dot com af I dock, and then get the schedule and download the app and see what's up, but they've got some really good movies this year. So this is three days Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Well actually started Wednesday night that screening national archives. A movie about Bryan Stevenson to the lawyer and activists and it was going on yesterday. But I'm going to dive in, in, in earnest today, last lawyer and activist I knew was William kuntsler. I've never heard of Brian Stevens Bryant has an incredible man. He's, he's the person who really spearheaded the I don't know the formal name it's base. The lynching museum in Montgomery, Alabama, which is just it looks like magnificent structure. And he's been doing a lot of important work around death penalty issues and just rest of Justice and reparation. He's, he's an amazing man. I think he's got the highest rated Ted talk like the longest standing ovation and Ted talk history. Visionary, man. Wow. Ted talk. Listen to as Leonsis. He's got a Ted talk blog. Teaser walking Ted. Let's start with some movies. There's a bunch of movies. We wanna talk for movies one is, and this is not for me. I understand Toy Story, four is not for me. But if you get to four you presume that one two and three did pretty some money or you wouldn't be doing four and two kids movie. Some are kids movie animated. I'm sure how is it? You know, I went in, I don't know if you've noticed every Friday this summer, we're just getting sequels is just the summer of the sequels on that always makes me feel tired and kind of defensive because a lot of them aren't very good. And especially when you get to number four, they're not very they tend to not be very good. So I went in with this to this with managed expectations, and I just thought it was fantastic. That's yeah, it's, it's, it's, you know, for those of us, I can't say, I grew up with Toy Story, but I can relate to people who up onto a story. So it's got all those the favorite characters. Tom Hanks character Woody and Bud Light year voice by Tim Allen, they're here. So it's got that whole enough Daljit factor. That's fine. But they don't just coast on that. And they actually introduce new characters one played by Tony HALE the guy from veep. Yes. Love. Wasn't actor and he doesn't terrific voice performances crazy. Very eccentric. Little character called forty a little toy made out of a sport..

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