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Boyer you are really you. Fancy yourself an englishman. You're not a bit of an anglophile. I think television is excellent. But you fancy yourself englishman evan. We all felt. Sometimes he'd rather be in england. I have an appreciation for it. I love our constitution the freedoms that it affords us things that are found nowhere else in the world but there is a What's here that's found nowhere else in the world. Well the first amendment second amendment. Bill of rights amendments the guarantee the freedoms and limit the government. don't lots of countries have constitution ours limits the government and the other countries. That they just you know. Sorta tell you what you can do and what you can't. It's a little different ours. Anything besides the content constitution that. I don't think you've actually ever read because every time you quoted our listeners. Say you got it wrong dave. We have an abundance of natural resource courts. Got a lot of court soil. Mica we we became one of the largest oil exporters old. Well here we go. This is what there isn't any oil anywhere else. Go ahead certainly not like in the middle east. We've we were exporting and we were absolutely good points chris all of them absolutely humdinger. Here's what britain's don't like about america and why why is it. Britain's don't like things about america it's because they're not over getting their asses kicked back and whatever. It was the nineteen thirties. Nineteen forties when we broke away from them by. They're never going to get over that. They hate that when americans are going to europe. They say they're going to europe where that could be anywhere from doncaster to fix. They don't like never not specific about where we're going could be england france spain italy germany. Whatever they don't like these english the way we pronounce it's not a spice but it's spice the opposite the other word for spice seasoning begins with an h. e. r. herb herb. They don't like the way we pronounce earn ospital. He say it was bad enough. Balaji dammit. He says i can't afford this just at a road trip. That means there had to be a couple of stops along the side of the road for emergency car repairs. How many emergency car repairs on this road trip One flat tire and what else. They're going to be some kind of tinkering on the car to keep it running ginger fuel-filter on the schedule we all don't we all you know. We're we're doing a family road trip. Don't we schedule in changing the fam- the fuel filter. Oh yeah always for you go. They don't like that. We call football soccer and we play a game that we call football which is obviously just rugby with helmets pussies thatcher. Little confusing crisps are not chips. They say and biscuits are not cookies. See they call potato chips crisps and they call cookies biscuits and they don't like that. We have different words for them. Are english no. My husband is american. And i love here. I present minus my list. Anna is pronounced on. Craig is pronounced craig. Graham is pronounced grant aluminum. instead of aluminium. Pasta is called noodles. Goes on and on and on how do they not.

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