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Twentieth or twenty four twenty twenty one joined by united states. Senator tom cotton and serves on the senate intelligence committee. Good morning senator. I know your time is short. Washington post new york times reporting. The director met on monday with the taliban leader. Were you in the senate aware of that. Hyun oh but the senate is not in session either and We have very limited ability to have classified communication outside the senior leadership. I i will say that i hope. That director burgess meeting with senior taliban officials foreshadows joe biden's announcement that we will remain on the ground at the airport and out into kabul for as long as necessary all the americans who are in back stranded in afghanistan despite with the president's Spokeswoman said yesterday a member of your staff has been issuing updates about how your office has been flooded with and responding to requests for assistance from american and afghan forces who helped us at seems like it might be getting a little bit more under control. What your sense of that senator. It's still pretty chaotic over there. Hugh we still are constantly Getting incoming from american citizens or their family members or folks Who served with afghan who've been vetted and qualified for special visa. We're doing everything we can. At a minimum to get the information they need and provide them Some coaching and guidance about how to Get to the gates how to survive in hot temperature boy. The taliban goon squads and some cases we have been able to With top friends and contacts inside the wire actually pull them inside the wire and get them on planes It's kind of disgraceful. That freelancing senate office has to do this that should be the responsibility. The state department but Early last week when we realized that so many americans were stuck behind taliban lines Winning action and i could be crowder of the young men and women. I've had working around the clock on this issue now senator. I am assuming that eventually we are going to have to leave. Do you have any denominator. We know what the numerator is. They keep telling us like ron claim. Twenty one thousand americans twenty hours. Do you have any idea of the minimum denominator that they will not give us a minimum number that they are certain of americans who were there in a minimum number of afghan allies. Do you have any idea. What the minimum number. But he he not really not any more precise than what the administration has said publicly. Ten to fifteen thousand. I mean part of me wonders if they don't want to reveal the actual numbers Because it will be an indictment of president biden's botched execution of this decision to withdraw from afghanistan I mean you would think that the us government would at least have have a rough estimate within the number of hundreds I mean i understand. Some people might have left. You know weeks ago to go to india or the golf or what have you But you think that at least within a few hundred our government would know but if they do they're certainly not sharing congress or the american people with the last question senator. I know you're rushed. There's tons and tons of military equipment. There that will be in the hands of terrorists or the connie network or al qaeda or isis after the americans are out what the united states do about that equipment. A lot of the equipment won't be usable in the long term Like the taliban have many black hawk college right now and they certainly don't have access to parts of the field they need but unfortunately the things that will be most useful to them. Also the things about which we have the least control or the least ability to influence. And that's the man portable weapons of women that were left behind in the tens of thousands of rifles machine-guns things like night-vision goggles Even illiterate taliban fighter can turn to switzerland night vision. Goggle has got a couple of double a. batteries in it And that's a significant enhancements of their individual soldierly alley and. There's just not much we can do about it anymore. Yeah it's just an example of how slash disorganized president by execution of this decision withdrawal has been very last question senator. Do you have any doubt will hear stories of heroism by the american military. Once this is over. I bet you. They're going into harm's way daily to get people no doubt you. i mean obviously. It looks extremely chaotic on the ground. Last week But our military designed to deploy indicate. Try to impose some kind of order. And you've all seen the pictures and videos of our soldiers marines carrying for young children Sometimes lifting toddlers over concertina wire I suspect they'll be some soldiers and marines Who personally went beyond what they were instructed to do to present taliban goon squads from beating people to death in front of them outside the gates of couple airport and i certainly hope that will soon see Patrols into kabul collect of american citizens if the french british and even dutch can do it then surely we can allow our troops and marines to execute that mission to protect our country. Senator tom cotton thank you. I know what you're battalion. That division the one hundred and i and i appreciate your joining me this morning on a busy morning. Talk to you next week. One eight hundred five zero one two three four america. The downside of all this is that we have not been able to spend much attention on haiti and my emergency campaign to help. Haiti and the food for the poor sponsorship of it is an amazing.

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