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As americans make their final preparations for thanksgiving dinner. Some animal activists are asking that we rethink the main course here why the humane society is urging more people to opt for a shelter turkey. This thanksgiving and later a troubling new report for those planning to celebrate tomorrow's holiday with their families here. Why none of the good cousins are coming to thanksgiving this year. All come on from the onion and onion public radio. I'm leslie price. And this is the topical back with uncle. Billy's kids and fucking sarah right after this up damage. The sucks as the demand for telemedicine grows so does the need for connectivity. Five g meets. That need qualcomm focused on giving doctors and patients superior security rich five g connectivity. Learn more at qualcomm dot com slash invention age. Thanksgiving it's a time of relaxation and joy wedged between the stressful planning of christmas and the hell screeching of sugar high children. That is halloween. Thanksgiving offers more peaceful repose. Will we have to worry about his eating and drinking ourselves into a blind stupor but for some out. There thanksgiving actually a time of sadness joining me now with more izzo. Pr animal cruelty correspondent. Generous nick hello jenna. Hi leslie like some others. The only bad things. I associated thanksgiving with were angry relatives and genocide but the humane society is telling a different story today while you're picking out your quote unquote perfect bird. It turns out. There are thousands of lonely turkeys trapped. An animal shelters all across the country. Who won't have a loving family to carve them up on thanksgiving. That is heartbreaking. Howard the shelters dealing with this problem. I spoke with humane society advocate. Michael beltran about the plight of shelter turkeys and everything has organization does to help find them a loving forever home here. He is when people are shopping. They want some perfect aesthetically pleasing turkey that oh no. Don't care that many of these turkeys have been raised in turkey mills. Everyone just wants the ideal turkey they see in pictures. Why do all these poor shelter. Turkeys come from are mostly are volunteers. Find him in the forest the fields wandering around without anyone to pluck or based him. It's so sad. Some of them are a little rough around the edges but they have such great personalities in a much much deeper flavor. That's so sad to hear. I've always gone store-bought with my thanksgiving turkey. In the past. I never realized the damage was doing. So many of us have leslie. We've been taught to desire the ideal designer turkey. Despite the cruel conditions they are raised in or the fact they are pretty inbred and fucked up so they get sick all the time and can't really breathe. Well thank god for all the heroes rescuing these turkeys from the streets. How can our listeners. Follow their example. It's actually fairly easy to adopt a turkey. I spoke with a couple at the shelter. Who often foster turkeys around this time of year and actually ended up. Adopting one themselves bringing home a shelter turkeys incredibly warning. We've been fostering them for years. Usually a few weeks at a time where you help them get nice and healthy employees The joy can bring into your life is amazing when we finally decided to adopt a turkey of her own. We were so excited. We stop for some fixings and sides on the way home because we couldn't even wait and with all the leftovers. We have smiles on our faces for weeks. We saved him from a sad lonely long life. Shelter surrounded by other turkeys. When you think of how empty our fridge was before we took him home you could actually say you saved us. Oh could you pass me a wing. Yeah you go. No excuse me jenna. I'm actually tearing up a bit. That's so sweet. That's all right leslie and for anyone at home. Who is interested this time of year. The shelters are often full. And the adoption fees actually lower than the price of a purebred turkey in fact after talking with these lovely volunteers. I brought home. A few shelter. Birds vincenzo and muffin and it has been such a great experience. Oh yes. I saw the photos and they look. Doraville has caring for them in difficult. It certainly more work. They scream pretty loud and there is blood oliver my house but all that will be rewarded with the most succulent thanksgiving turkey. You've ever seen plus. Many shelters will even provide you with free herbs. And brining salt. When you adopt. Well thank you. That is a heart warming story and i know my kids will be so excited to bring home. It's her he of our own health cut. It's throat that's ob. Jenna resnick back in a moment.

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