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A dump truck going about seventy miles an hour and then she allegedly tried to steal that dump truck but the driver stopped her police arrive moments later and arrested crews that cabdriver is expected to be okay brockton state senator michael brady is apologizing after he was arrested on drunk driving charges wbz's lana jones reports he was picked up early saturday on route eighteen in weymouth brady was arraigned on driving under the influence negligence operation and mark lane by elation charges on monday in quincy district court he issued a statement this morning saying he apologizes to weymouth police is constituents his friends and colleagues in the legislature for quote the embarrassment and distraction this incident causes he says he knows that as a senator he is held to a higher standard brady's office says he does not expect to make any further comment until the legal process is concluded brady is free on personal recognizance after pleading not guilty lana jones wbz newsradio ten thirty and a woman in manchester new hampshire gives police a battle as they try to arrest her police say around eight thirty this morning detroit riley and two others were stopped behind a building on parker street they thought they were prowling well police say she tried unsuccessfully to grab the officer's gun once riley was put on the ground and coughed police say they found crystal meth and heroin in her pants still to come new charges in the fallout from the larry nassar sex abuse scandal at michigan university also the dow drops more than three hundred points today we'll.

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