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In church shooter dylan roof to act as his own attorney cbs news senior legal analyst andrew cohen says this comes just days after the judge rules roof competent to stan trial roof will be closely monitored by this judge for any signs that he's not indeed confident to continue to represent himself and it's possible that at some point in this trial defense council will be back in charge or at least more part of the process so this decision isn't necessarily a final one roof who is white killing nine black people praying at that church president elect trump back in new york city this monday after spending a thanksgiving holiday with his family in florida continuing team coverage on the likes and twenty sixteen on wsb and we're waiting on the big announcement of who will be trump's pick for secretary of state is it regionally on a met randy or maybe even retired us general david retread is was scheduled to meet with trump today trump's former campaign manager made it clear sunday that she does not think the nominee should be met romney people found a trade to think that governor ronnie's you went out of his way to question make characters in the intellect and the integrity of donald trump now are president elect would be given the most significant haven't oppose tomas secretary of state former new york city mayor rudy julie on the has also been named as a front runner what he gillette for cbs news new york i while thousands of cuban's are lining up right now and have than a to pay their last respects for for del castro texas senator conservative ted cruz whose father left cuba says no one representing the united states should go to the funeral the communist leader died over the weekend he was ninety years old wsb news time ten thirty two traffic and weather next no one delivers an update on the five pm news like w this week at the end of the day he is in depth coverage of the top local stories breaking news and wsb triple team traffic camera in the new with eric eric information you need truth you d man five pm everyday wsb and on it sports bite collectors i'm target jeered years job as they can go tonight show and feel.

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