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A worked on cars to if you've seen that movie which is probably the least the least popular pixar film so i got to work on that one but i i loved it anyway it was a great experience so all of this to say not a whole lot of my background has been in actual programming i mean that's where i learned programming i learned like python and php at cetera at school but that's not i wasn't like i came back and tried to be a cs major at that point because i was having a great time programming at pixar and i said well i i really am resonating with this maybe i'll switch from animating to computer science and so i did that i came back and that happened also be the semester that i got married so i came back from pixar got married and did my next semester of school having switched to computer science and worked really hard and got a four point oh that semester which means all as which is all the the top grades but that was that was like the best semester i ever had in college and never got never got better than that only went downhill because that was when i had like all cs classes and no kids and so it was easy to focus on what i was doing but after that you know like don't tell anyone i gotta in biology pretty bad extreme items or something but i've passed right so so yeah finished school and did eventually get my degree which i started working during school i did a fellowship in entrepreneurship i mean there's a lot of details here but had my first kid during school and then finished up and by the way went back to do a master's started a masters degree and then had my second kid so i still there's never been a time when i've had a baby and hadn't had the study right during my my paternity leave so that's cool for next on hard mode.

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