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Spill. Next week on American skin. Hari Krishna was movement. That started with good intentions and founder who wanted to help a generation of young Americans get closer to divinity. But when that founder died without naming a successor ambitious followers turned on each other leading the movement away from peace and higher consciousness and down a path towards crime violence and Merck. From wondering this is American scandal. I hope you enjoyed this. If you did subscribe now on apple podcasts. Spotify who go podcast wondering dot com or wherever you're listening to this. Right. If you're listening on a smartphone tapper swipe of the cover art, you'll find the episode notes, including some details. You'll also find some offers from our sponsors by supporting them you. Help us offer this show to you for free. We'd also like to learn a little bit about you. Please complete a short survey at wondering dot com slash survey. That's wondering dot com slash survey. We'd love to learn what you're listening to what you like. And what topics we might tackle next? You can also find us and me on Twitter. Search for hashtag American scandal or follow me at Lindsey Graham, muse many sources when researching we highly recommend the books not one drop by Ricky and out of the channel by John Keeble American scandal is hosted edited and executive produced by me wings Graham for airship sound signed by Derek Barron's. This episode was produced by Katie long. The Exxon Valdez series was written by Benjamin gray editing by Andrew Stelter, executive producers are Stephanie jen's, Marsha Louis and her non Lopez for wonder.

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