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He's not your typical you approach epochal quarterback where we look at rogers in you know we mobile held gifted he is or brady you know people were surprised when you see brady brady's taller than what you think when i did the sitdown interview with him brady use you know he's all six four at least so that i think surprises you a little bit he matt ryan is all six five minute that and then seek cam newton come in and he go that guy looks like a defensive lineman but it's a little bit different yossi and the funny that like when we had drouin here we had him have people like they read their negative draft profiles and then like and just take it shot that i'm the minute they leave mike man how great is that correct no you're running over all of their accomplishments now all of it will you can't do that in front of that so far as this ponding yopal i could say something nice about layer fitzgerald that plaid co he's wearing right now is dominating yeah nominating oh get us legit ulema mobile larry's used to this whether buyoya no no he's fine with us and not afraid of this kind of where we are he's not he has gotten soft in arizona did you discolored fitzgerald saw no i mean i know he's from here but it years in the desert i'm assuming his body liar you do wonders why why are you doing this is out here yet it's okay now yeah he's rats ice hockey he's rate uh oh yeah how i met larry fit yet yes for think larry appreciates these complicated nfl catch rules or you'd like the the amount of lang things up a little bit instead of the year after the catch athletic move thing what do you think.

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