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I. Did a year and a half to the local paper in the Columbia. Daily. Tribune and after the year they gave me finally I beg debate debate they gave me in their magazine Insert a video game column blog, and for me that was the light switch of now. They still think I'm general assignment reporter covering anything everything working the night shift. Now I'm their video game journalist and they don't know that, and so I wrote every log every week on the column took national, video game stories worldwide video stories made them central the Columbia Missouri and after six months of that I apply digestion and I always say that I applied And obviously, this is the one I got hired on. But it was that I applied got contact contacted interviewed in hired within twenty four hours. So overnight, my dreams came true in when I finally got there and it signed all the paperwork and had my desk had my debugged ps two unit I remember turning to my boss to me like so what changed and he was like what you mean like I've and this is all I've ever. Wanted to do and I looked at my g mail right after college I had thirteen attempts to get hired at I g justice John and that's just after college in a year and a half I was like the I twelve times you didn't even give me the courtesy of a rejection letter. But on the thirteenth time I got snatched up in, you know ripped my life totally torn up and moved out here and they got and he. Could do it. You know like those first twelve attempts were given with clips of an article here and then six months later, story here three months later like I wasn't showing that I had a consistent voice in could do this daily and once I had that six months of experience under my belt at the Tribune actually being videogame columnist and blogger that was when they're like, oh, he's got a voice and he knows what he's doing. He's got skills obviously to right. Let's bring in here. He'll when you apply to twelve times and as you. Email, there is a lot on my college. You don't even get the rejection letters there. was there ever a time that you thought I'm just knock it try for Aegean was going to try somewhere else on knocking apply. Oh. Yeah. No no no. The like I applied everywhere. It wasn't an thing. I wasn't Nigerian fan boy. If anything I was in fan boy when you go back. If, you go back when you go to the Greg..

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