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Did she hang up on us tony that's a shame but porridge mackay budgeted for his pension how's the guy gonna live come on with that nonsense all right i love when they hang up too so brave amy's in williamstown amy how are you today hi amy i just wanted to let you know what do you think about matt to santa's is not girl yet he's twenty two years old we're trying to work on this for him what advice can you give him there's no reason there's no reason for this right he can't even defend themselves microphone we neutered he's shaking his head no bright is putting chapstick on ab are you coming down to see us at the green turtle today okay all right what what's your point there the one thing that pisses me off more than anything is that an coulter was right and we know how dawn feels dead to me yeah she might have been right has anybody checked on an today she's in a tweeting tizzy about trump's going to be impeached in two thousand nineteen so yeah how far the bottle they thinks he is that's a great question i have right now i'm going to join your pretty soon i'm going to be there myself amy do you appreciate the group therapy nature of today's show i knew this is so delight home enjoying every moment of it and i like the fact that we got to talk about what we want to talk about i would ask you i mean what do you do professionally i have my laundry service now if if for example now customers don't pay you or the market dries up or something have you ever had to go two weeks without a paycheck i've had customers before the okay long story but you know some of my customers are elderly and they go in the hospital for like months at a time and i don't get paid so break for the government employees us to wait two weeks for retro pay if there's a government shutdown amy how much you break for that person is my question actually i'm glad you asked me that because my husband is a new jersey employees so you know chris christie had that shut down he didn't get a paycheck you lived it was amazing i don't know how we did it but you know survive all right amy thank you have a great weekend.

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