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So, like I said, Chuck, they were shuffled around after World War Two and then they're still under in, you know, kind of linked to the air force, but they are definitely civilian like all civilian. You can't get into the air force, and they do have this kind of quasi-military structure. They have ranks and things like that. But the ranks that they have are strictly limited to the civil air patrol like, if you become I think the highest you can become the civil air patrols, the Major General that would not translate over to the air force like you wouldn't be able to move to air force and be like, I'm a Major General, they'd be like. Let's, let's reset things shall we up the latrine private? Right. But like I said, if you start a work, your way up in the civil air patrol, you can transfer over to the air force with some credit like it's not like it's just a complete waste of time. If you wanted to go into the airforce, but in nineteen seventy five they got their first non-military commander for civilian commander. And that really kind of set the tone from what I understand, for this kind of division between the military air force and the civilian volunteers civil air patrol. They've that really kind of forever divided that lines and you guys can have your ranks in your guys March all you want and each other Surin salute, but your civilian in an auxiliary. Yeah. And like you said there under the air force still and ironically, the specific division of the air force there under the direction of now as the air combat command. Right. Even though they cannot be used in combat. You're not gonna get paid even eight dollars a day anymore. It is full volunteer at this point. In fact, you have to pay dues membership dues every year and you have to pay for your own uniform. And if you really wanna go large, you can buy fake epaulets and metals and. Really? I mean, I'm sure you can you probably get made fun of her yellow, whatever, but sounds like making fun of civil air patrol or said, I'm certainly not because I they definitely are great. And the idea and the whole purposes is pretty great. But I from reading about like, you know, people who had been in it, and some of their when they were asked online like, what did you what was your experience? I get the impression that there is a an element of blow hardness among some people in the civil air patrol, whereas summer there to learn to fly in for the love of flying and or because they do want to go into the air force. There are people there who might abuse their rank or status in the civil air patrol that you schmucks their schmucks, there for from what I understand here there, although it doesn't seem to be systematically monks everywhere. So, like I said at the beginning, they are nonprofit and there are a few people get paid a salary. Obviously, when you get to the administration, the national level, you have to pay some people to run this thing. The air force does pay expenses, if they are asked to.

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