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Oh, three FBI technicians assigned to the package bomb investigation will love plenty of hours poring over those ten suspicious and possibly explosive packages sent to prominent Democrats and to CNN WCBS reporter, Mike smeltzer from the police Commissioner add an FBI official. This afternoon is a nationwide investigation involving multiple jurisdictions coast to coast FBI assistant director Bill Sweeney says each of the ten suspected packages are now being analyzed by technicians at an FBI lab in Quantico Virginia. None of the ten packages that were sent exploded leading some to wonder whether the devices were set as a hoax intended to instill fear, but not bodily harm during the briefing NYPD Commissioner Jimmy O'Neill batted down that line of thinking should be taken. Seriously, the NYPD. The FBI where we're taking this seriously. We are treating them as as as live devices the Commissioner later went on to define them as suspected explosive devices the person or people behind the suspicious packages remains a mystery one that Commissioner Neil says they will solve given time at NYPD headquarters. Mike shmelts WCBS NewsRadio eight eighty Manhattan state supreme court judge put to temporary halt on New York's lawsuit targeting President, Trump's charitable foundation state supreme Justice Sally and scar. Pula heard arguments today from a Trump attorney who wants the suit dismissed the lawsuit. Brought by state attorney general Barbara Underwood claims President Trump use the charities money to settle business disputes add to boost his twenty sixteen presidential campaign. Justice carpoolers has she won't rule until a higher court decides if a sitting president can be sued in state court six two point eight million dollars in restitution the foundations. Dissolution? City. Health officials confirm. The season's first flu related fatality are. Peter Haskell has details. Flu activity in the city is low right now, but it's already deadly. Sadly, I want to report that the we have one pediatric death. So far in the.

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