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They slow repopulation of the portion of the city. Alabama's underway with some residents able to get back to their homes in the southern part of that peach sitting line of cars coming north on Pacific Coast Highway to go into Malibu moved rather quickly with deputies checking people's idea and then set up through the checkpoints this man left. The city six days ago is very anxious to get home. We had neighbors that stayed behind which seems like a common thing in with this community on he'll stayed behind to protect their homes and property. So I I'm aware that my house is still standing. So that's good news to get into Malibu. You must have ID showing you live between carbon canyon road and web way, which was the Malibu Civic Center. No idea and address match you'll be turned around as for those thinking there will be able to get to homes north of Malibu Civic Center. PCH is still closed north of Pepperdine to the Ventura County line with only police sheriff's deputies fire department and utility workers allowed in for the foreseeable future at carbon canyon road. PCH mpc Demetrio KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio. Evacuation orders. Have also been lifted in unincorporated areas of Gora and for part of the lake Sherwood area federal disaster, unemployed. Benefits are now available for people impacted by the far example, oftentimes, self employed. Individuals may not be eligible for regular state provided unemployment benefits in this case under a federal disaster. Like, this they could very well be eligible to receive these benefits. Laurie. Levy with the state employment development department tells can't acce workers who lost their jobs or had their work hours, severely cut could also be eligible. She says people can receive up to four hundred fifty dollars a week in benefits from six bonds. Levy says you can find out if you're eligible by contacting the EDD. Does like firefighters insurance companies need some out of state help in responding to a wildfire disaster like this one with thousands of homes burned. There will be an enormous number of claims in the aftermath of the fires. And California's insurance Commissioner Dave Jones has taken action that allows for adjusters from out of state to help handle them. All the insurance. Commissioner has to declare emergency situation in order for insurers to be allowed to bring out of state personnel into the state to help with claims. So it's something I did to make sure we have more insurance company staff, helping fire survivors who are going to be beginning. The claims process Jones says the insurers have responsibility to make sure these adjusters are trained in California law, which has a higher degree of consumer protection than many other states. Brian paying KNX ten seventy NewsRadio. Some good news for cougar watchers p twenty two has been found as you may know, three Cougars being tracked by the National Park Service. Could not be found in the Woolsey fires on among them. The most famous poem is his p twenty two K. Kaik kurkin doll of the park service tells k next they found him in a remote area of Griffith park. And you know, he's pretty amazing it being in the busy park with millions of visitors and sometimes fires. And he just keep manages to survive. So by saying p forty two avid had a chance to look for her yet p seventy four well that was a particular concern because he has a working GPS caller, and that caller has not been transplanting over the past week benefit were visiting the makeshift memorial outside the border line bar and grill in Thousand Oaks as funerals begin for the victims of that mass murder people some with tears in their eyes brought flowers or a case of beer for their friends now memorialize here outside the border line..

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