Twenty Four Hours, Hundred, Nineteen Incident discussed on Lagos Covid-19 Updates


Year february of twenty twenty just before the declaration of the lockdown In much in some of to the total of twenty four states as february of twenty twenty had reported roughly three hundred ninety cases incidences of jesse's but by the middle of april just two weeks after knockdown gender based violence incidents had spiked to seven hundred ninety four from less of the total number that i had reported elliott had reports in february in some instances some of our centers had experienced had interacted with about five at the beginning of two thousand twenty by the middle of april with seeing hundred either reported cases or things that had to just leave the house and find a way to get to the sense. Highlighting the structure shadow pandemic miss tolson keeble touchdown processes and more so several things wake kickstarts at the same time during the twenty twenty covid nineteen incident ranging from engaging with a stick critical stakeholders of like the private sector like institutions setting up one stop centers engaging directly through women's movement. We the presidential task because at the beginning of that now there wasn't any concrete plan in place to ten to east incidences of gender based apartments. Because there was complete lockdown people wish shot in seemingly with the enemy. You know the perpetrator and the victim would go out in the morning. Usually you come back at night but suddenly your home. Twenty four hours. Seen each other and so found lance prevailed and so because people couldn't access services they would get to the rule. The police will turn them back. The women's movement came together and onto the joint. Un's might initiative came up with a joint statements that had almost three hundred signatures across. Thank you so. The presidential task say we need gender-based violence to be recognized as chen violence response to be recognized as essential service.

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