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This is where i return to a variant of my earlier question i have no meaningful objections at all to shakira fine okay that's that's that's my basic view on shakira but if you're if you're host if you are south africa and your hosting the first world cup to be held in africa which is no small change that is a big deal and you are south africa a nation with a rich and fabulous musical heritage was not a south african musician could have been employed for this i'm we've you andrew for this one it's a shame because i do live the salon i do like secure but when was released of course south africans didn't like it if she was even booed when she did a performance is there in the just on gentlemanly in gentlemanly but i do feel sorry because an even the song is based on the maroon song as well so in that particular one i do agree with you a finnish should have chosen like an african singer perhaps the salva freakin one it's a shame but this is good i mean and just looking purely on pop on the view like how how good song is i agree i think walker walker is potentially the best to the world cup songs and you're saying that of course can even bearing in mind the fact that moving along to twenty fourteen held in your home land of brazil again a nation with a rich fabulous musical legacy and if the listeners could save an does facial expression they would be aware of an imminent suggestion that perhaps brazil did not quite rose to the occasion it didn't they did not on the field was a disaster i have to say i've cringed when sung was released because it was expecting something much better.

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