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Very extremist language about about what to do with israel even anti semitic language and so on it's very extreme is then gums nothing for several decades and when i interviewed hamas leaders about why there was no revision of the charter they would say well you know the first did the existing judges exelon leah historical document than you have to decide listen to the symbol the statements of the currently it isn't this is our charter for the timing end between the lines you can read from announced like that of course that they were not able to pull together to agree within the organization to create something new to revise what they have the old document and then now in two thousand seventeen there comes a new charter and he chose that they have been working on this for at least two years criticism from the outside of course who this charges that also all of the change that we see that some of us would interrupt us pragmatic s mode rating for example recognizing the nine six seven borders and and the such things even if we would call let's say that we recalled that cosmetics still the fact that hamas managed to pool together to doing several years in secret between the different parts of hamas the prisons gosau the political office in doha that i asked her work on this pause notes back and forth discuss revis end the conclusion or the the new charter what's in it's very controversial inside the moves as well but still all were able to agree him this it means that hamas not an outdated dinosaur are dying done it's actually managing to still keep to stay relevant in the conflict and that it wants to that it can but isn't that essentially at the end of the day just a game the minister said becauser ideologise so pliable is so adoptable is so flexible.

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