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The color of your skin you reach like the white the shape of your nose in the shape of your lips your the race to show that you don't want to be around each other before you come asking Mister mom does he teach he you should ask yourself who taught you his parents Earl and Louise little what were both suffered tragedies and their lives so what happened to him and his reviews that that gave him the leadership and the communication skills that we just saw on display there yeah Malcolm has it traumatic childhood experiences racial trauma early age is born in Omaha Nebraska in nineteen twenty five on may nineteenth his father a little his mother Louise Norton little are political activists they are followers of Marcus Garvey and garbage in making pan Africanist who found an organization called the work the universal Negro improvement association which really becomes the largest black mass movement making history in the early nineteen twenties and be between three and five million Gharbi I went several times in the carribean United States Africa Latin America and we think about army is in this is this idea of black nationalism cultural pride political solidarity political self determination racial solidarity political self determination so Malcolm's parents moved to Lansing Michigan and Malcolm's father is going to be killed in nineteen thirty one the little family is going to argue that his father was killed by white supremacists the white supremacist group called the black legion the official police report says that Malcolm's father died in a street car accident where a car on a street car a street car basically sliced him into the family never believed that and so when we when we look at that's one tragedy also by the age of six he even loses father Earl who we never forget and his mother is going to be institutionalized in a psychiatric institution because she doesn't really have a great way to make a living his his his his siblings are going to be scattered and foster care Malcolm is in the stand several years in foster care and finally at the age of fifteen he's going to move in with his half sister your father previously married and had three children he's gonna move in with his half sister Ella Mae Collins in Roxbury Boston and from nineteen forty to nineteen forty six Malcolm becomes what he describes as a hockey player he's in Roxbury he's in Harlem he works odd jobs but he also sells marijuana to jazz musicians he lives on a life of actual crime I he's going to be arrested and charged with being part of a being a burglary ring in Boston he's gonna spend almost seven years in prison and it's really while he's in prison you really reconnects with the side of himself that had really been traumatized and that's the side that was looking both her father figure which she finds an honorable life on it and the nation of Islam it was also looking to be politically active Malcolm wanted to be a lawyer but at his predominately white school in Mason Michigan and they told him because he was black he couldn't be a lawyer I think it's important ever that MalcolmX with light skin with red hair and freckles because we heard in that clip he was talking about anti black racism in a way which white supremacy really are coming toward the way in which so many black people and black communities start themselves because they weren't thought of as they weren't thought of as an intelligent they weren't fully three dimensional deeply empathetic human beings and Malcolm pushes back against that Malcolm's mother Louise Norton little was from Grenada and was so light that she had passed away which is something that Malcolm always talks about and thought that he was treated better by his dark skin father because he was the life of their children so it's very interesting the way in which race plays a role in Malcolm's conception of politics but he's he's a great debater he's a prison activists while he's in prison for Muslim right he's he's a voracious reader and he goes to one of those prisons Norfolk in Massachusetts is an experimental prison that provides college level education in a way I argue that Malcolm X. really he gets a college degree and war while he's in prison and by the time he leaves prison he's paroled on August seventh nineteen fifty two he really becomes this political activist it becomes this organizer but he's also an intellectual he's constantly reading the great quotes and you know he could spend all day in a library in his autobiography because he's a voracious polyglot of a reader speaker thinker and writer so he's not just an organizer and educator he's an intellectual and I think Dr king is an intellectual too and this book treats them as activists but also intellectuals because their political continues to resonate all the way so if it is a platform and his mentor ship came through the nation of Islam and Alisa Muhammad that relationship ultimately frayed what was the cause of the dissolution of the relationship you know the dissolution is going to be deeply political and deeply personal and I would start with the political over time Malcolm is trying to transform the nation of Islam which is a sectarian religious national organization it's a very unique interpretation of of Muslims Lasky and that the religion of Islam they are radical parts of it are very conservative and so Malcolm over time try to politicize the nation of Islam make them part of the civil rights movement and for a time the honorable Elijah Muhammad allows this to happen is Malcolm joins the group from prison in the group only has five six hundred hard core members really in large part due to Malcolm's organizing skills the group is going to have you know thirty five forty fifty thousand members by the time the eggs so he really transforms that that group into a group that now is a wealthy group that is making millions of dollars through publishing the nation of.

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