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Idea that they will continue to steal our intellectual property rights and so this has come up before but they never changed i guess that's what i'm asking you how the hell we're gonna changes let's right now in defense of the world trade organization as you save united states and many other countries have bought cases against china and they win the majority of those and in china's defense china generally follows the letter of the law in terms of changing its behavior in the pacific area where lost the complaint of countries and companies that do business in china is that that bad behavior is quickly supplanted by other bad behavior that often circumvents the letter of the law let me give you an example china will say all these complaints about four technology transfer we don't have a lot of forces you to transfer technology to always voluntary because you guys want that as part of business here well what american and western comfortable say is if we don't cooperate they will hurt us in other ways and often in the wto like you were going to bring a case you need evidence i mean companies need to basically present evidence but companies that operate in china are very concerned that if they publicly complained about this behavior they will be punished in other ways you know suddenly there will be some hygiene or safety inspection or the state owned broadcaster will do a expose of their abusive customers because in china you do not have the separation of business and state and regulation the way you do other countries you know i was looking down your article and my towel doug irwin shows up in here doug is former c council economic advisers member teaches at dartmouth college longtime freetrader as i am for that matter but he is now urging that something has to be done and i want to go to this we don't have forever but you make the point that there's always a risk of collateral damage if a trade war i agree you know this is part of my skepticism about tariffs all right and that's the risk of mr trump's strategy are greater the breath of the action elevates the potential harm to american consumers supply chain expert.

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