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Of moscow in the soviet union when we finished the george w bush administration with with russia making threatening incursions into georgia we had a plan to deploy missiles to poland and to the czech republic right believe that was a plan to help keep putin at bay russian countries wanted then they wanted it oh my god they begged us rolled with it they wanted it obama comes in unilaterally stroke of his pen said nope we're not gonna do that and then and then he plays footsie with europe and he tries to reset until putin how much flexibility he's going to have right now fast forward here's trump posturing the way he did in nato and laying down the new law if you're poland if you're lot via if you're estonia if you're those countries who used to be under the thumb of moscow who know what kinda threat russia is who were you high fiving at the this is not rocket science so to speak i mean look those nations signed up to be part of the nato alliance and the by the way they've been the most effective in doing what i propose counterterrorism poland has zero none and so odd saying we've got you know my first deployments in eighty five and something called reforge report return of forces to germany was meant to be both a deterrent to russia and i was actually there chasing terrorists i wasn't i was they're doing a real mission not on exercise so i'm saying nato has been effective in the past it needs to figure out both what it was how it was effective in the past and what needs to be done to bring it up to standards to be a good deterrent again check those nations which brings us tony schaffer to one of the reasons why i wanted to talk to you today because the the summit with letterman putin this monday is is a kind of a pretty big deal and i know that just wants to focus on meddling and all of that and that's you know it's a distraction but i'm sure it will get a lot of play the fact of the matter is there was a time when russia even though i agree there an aggressive thug like nation and putin has no not our friend but we did find some common enemies and that is radical islamic terrorism putin hates the chechnyan islamist just as much as we hate the al qaeda right and so is that going to be or should it be something that gets discussed could trump come in and say listen we disagree on a lot we have a lot of things that we don't have in common on the world plane but can we reached agreement on certain things can you work with us on isis can we actually do some things and get this blight the real threat to western civilization radical islamic terror just came from meeting with the former trump administration official in and that was one of the points we talked about is that there are certain areas of overlap that we have syria and the purpose of a summit is to kind of those areas and so i've portrayed this is more like a gorbachev reagan relationship gorbachev and reagan did not get along regarding a lot of specifics but they respected each other and i think that's what's now existing that didn't exist before i don't believe for a minute larry that putin wanted trump to be the president i think he did everything he could use to disrupt things right with that said trump's not going to back down one iota to the fact that there are certain things we don't agree upon hey you you overflying our ships at twenty feet away from the ship and north atlantic not helpful bear bombers violating airspace in alaska someone's going to get shot down syria we have common ground we need to work on iran you don't want a nuclear iran because they're going to trouble you as much as us eventually there's a lot of realities president trump needs to point out to putin to say look we're not going to be we're never going to be friends but we can't be enemies and if we're enemies we both lose i think that's what has to be message and how do you feel knowing that on this side of president trump will be secretary of state pompeo on on that side we'll be national security adviser john bolton and the apparatus and staff they bring to the.

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