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It so at the end guitar players are pretty conservative. So soon as he starts strain and gibson's you know this this bunch you start straying from just about this guitar plug in sounding like you know they i mean. They kept repeatedly trying to get like active. Pickups or low will be biden's pickups and all kinds of shit like that electron ix. What were those. What were those guitars. The jeez i can't remember is kinda like blah they were kinda like blobs like blobby. explorer oriented rb artists owns already. Either artist had the active electronic lows and they put him in. There was three thirty five. That had the currency. We're just trying to make people like them and they didn't know just guitar that you plug in. We'll take care of everything when it comes out of the guitar wanna will handle that exude but that said the baritone. I think is pretty cool. Just i mean it looks. Great on guitar is such a piece of its era and it functions. I mean you can take around with you want. So that's very cool. Well did the scratch. The itch of the berthier guitar pretty Definitely did yeah you know it. I mean it's really for me to get a really really cool guitar like this for my birthday. It's just never going to happen. It's like i want to be able to take this guitar junkie shoes and not worry about it. Yeah gonna worry about it because at worry about any guitar ahead with me. But it's not like i'm gonna lose a twenty thousand dollar guitar or something like that. So yeah i mean it has to be playable. I don't want any guitars than playable by playable. They need to giggle. And you know any to be able to record with them. Take him out of the house. Anything i can't do that with. I really have no interest in. Yeah that's cool. is this one feels. It looks like real vintage guitar. But it's yeah you're not gonna be freaking out acting like it's so precious like a fucking thousand guitar. I thirty thousand. That's cool man. Yeah what have you been playing lately. Even plants in qatar. What kind of instrument are you bonding with hanging out bonding with my les paul. Classic man the honey burst. it's started. it's got that sinn neck. Yeah i've really reacquainting myself with tara. It's so funny. Because i hadn't played in a long time it's been at gyms you know has been at the house then. I kind of picked it up when i was out there for practice. One night and dan. That thing is cool. I dig it. It's heavy but it's you know you you. I don't mind it The neck is relief. Thin profile super cool. Yeah i use that for rehearsal once when it was down at a space. Did you dig it out for riffa entire. That was great. I was like i really wanted it. I had hard time putting it back. Almost just took it selects Do you need a chiropractor after after planet. I don't have a problem with heavy guitars. I don't remember that being heavy is probably what nine pounds or something right on your cars. I i have eleven powerless fall and my rehearsal space guitar for years at sat down the rehearsal space and i went there and rehearse other than the black one where you rehearsals are where you have a guitar on for two hours a lot of times. It's like forty five minutes. You know maybe an hour on show when rehearsals is not hard to do two and a half three hours with the guitar on your shoulder. I've never had a problem. I mean i have. I don't think it. Which is something i don't think about. I do love the old guitar. Is that heavy. Because i love. I've said this before. I just love to take atari. Hand it to somebody. We'll get to the look on their face like holy sh- folded in honestly. I don't think about. I think it's i mean i know there's a lot of people that will not by advocates are and i commend that. That's cool but i don't. It's not something i think about. I don't want it twelve petar. i wouldn't look for one. I would seriously consider it. But i think twice about eleven pounds beyond that weight that they can't go past some people don't want to get past seven to Gibson melody maker yeah. I'm the same way i don't. I don't mind too much if the guitars heavy if it's if it feels good and it sounds good. And what. is that your heaviest guitar. I think so. Actually i think it's even heavier than the explorer. That i have is a big hunk of mahogany but adds a cool guitar to man. I've been in that as well. I mean in that. I've been going down the rabbit hole man. I've been getting into los lobos lately. Like crazy like a reacquainting myself with their ship and the guitar stuff. They're doing shit guitars their plan and shit those who were strat Which all kinds of different shit like. I think the rhythm did plays a les paul allott but it i'll go plays like tallies in strat s- for for most part some. You'll like japanese reissue stratocaster. Yeah that he put together some cool. Yeah doing that Reacquainting myself with yes. Which is cool. I totally appreciate that man. But i just never i i have friends. Who like their their rush. And they don't get rush does but i will say on of similar songs are just undeniable like in the context of like film or something when they play as a backdrop. I'd like i love them. But i bought that record knows collecting records intra Even after all these years wanted fragile or tails of of graphic oceans and I couldn't make it through. Glad i just. They're just they're like somebody else that you know for me like nick cave or something exactly but i just don't connect with for some reason. Whatever gap interrupted you when you had to forget what it was gonna stay man. Oh we'll just steve how man that that dude. Yeah i just love listening to play man. He's he's so out there but it was great. So that's so. I've been kind of doing that. You know just kind of like plan a little guitar. Here and there in the numb listening to Reacquainting myself with guitar player is an engine music. In general that. I haven't listened to a long time on television. I was listening to the marquee moon album again. God that's good a pretty good record. It's damn good of even listening to new music or reacquaint as my biggest downfall. That's why i don't haven't written song in like three years younger. I don't make timeless records. And i got to get over it because my thing is i can't just record on like were clean a house. I wanted sit there. And listen to it and i haven't had that current time lately but i think if i need to surround myself with music for even if i do say all right. I'm not gonna sit here.

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