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Over the over the counter doses but when you get it in a compounded micronized form a lot of times there's better absorption so some people talk about melatonin affecting their sleep or improving their sleep for the first few hours well it could be that the melatonins getting out of their system because your average over the counter melatonin is going to be out of your system in two to four hours while your micronized melatonin that often needs to be compounded though you could get it in some for some places over the counter but it's a more sustained release and it's going to be in your system for closer to six to eight hours so it really does a great job so the great thing about melatonin is it's it's much more in sync with the body's function and with the brains function so melatonin is helpful for mo mood and energy and it helps it has other health benefits it's a potent antioxidant so it enhances one's health overall it helps with the immune system it modulate the immune system in a positive way so it works with the other hormones as well in that regard so it's good for any any time there so that that helps with pain that help arthritic condition so melatonin is not just the sleep supplement it really has great effects for the brain it even has a good period dot defects so good for gum disease melatonin is really a very diverse has has diverse benefits and it's very versatile in its positive effects one of the known one of the known benefits of melatonin is also to treat headaches especially cluster headaches even migraine headaches are improved with melatonin so they treat toda treat migraines it takes nine this study showed that nine milligrams of melatonin significantly reduces the incidence and severity of migraine headaches so i mentioned it's antioxidant qualities another potent antioxidant is called glutathione and that's not easy to supplement because a lot of times you need to take it either but one of the great things about melatonin is that the it stimulates the production of bluetooth ion glutathione so it has a great antioxidant quality melatonin it's not just the sleep supplement it's a brain supplement it's a great it has cardiac benefits it helps with hypertension and especially nighttime high blood pressure is very much improved with has.

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