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TJ Martel dot org to learn about music's promise for a cure eight fourteen in the morning can't go wrong when you got to be Keith going to be part of the Milam our give us call right now five to one eighty three eighty three give about half a minute just let you go in to share whatever you would like to share about you your business whatever you may need to Erin in Honolulu right out of the gates we appreciate your patience Erin and good morning good morning Sir I just called him a restaurant owner yes and does all the little bishop street all for the most part everybody's getting affected but we still have customers are coming because we normally people normally come in take out but we we're starting to see the effects because they're keeping business people to operate out of their homes my concern is when they see the governor Kemal and stay will be cooler discretion and then the very next day call will consult and landings that nobody can find you but if they're really concerned about the way that the school had twenty thirty people writing on the city bus yeah they're not shutting on any real projects and is there any doubt the Waikiki beach air stores all over the beach so really there quickly in the local economy but yet the problem is we haven't done much in the stars you know you should be more plates and hot spots I don't know how to do something about the tour though she's coming in but just usually before they made the announcement came on Tuesday okay all right stop hold on hold on hold on this is not the intent of this sector I appreciate your commentary I truly do because you're living it and I I I I appreciate that part I'm sorry some of this you mentioned you have a a restaurant downtown yes Sir this segment is to help promote and let people know that you're open and if we can come down and support you that's what we want to do would you mind telling us the name of your restaurant please sure it's so tenders located at eleven forty six so some candles yes Sir okay and the the address again eleven forty eight bishop street forty open Monday through Fridays from zero five thirty to forty hundred while some good hours what type of food you Sir what's your what's your specialty local food better of the Russians minerals from sixty some odd years they call call call we specialize with gold the only hamburgers tools okay next moves local Ford well there are you are you near the island insurance building yes researchers first insurance my pet yes yeah then your place thanks for that very much thanks what you do I live I live nearby so it's good to get down to see you thank you telephone number of folks wanna give a call upside may seventh could easily eight one five one eight one five one listen when we open it back up to conversation about what's taking place please give us a call back we just wanna make sure that we have time to help you and others today and and and hopefully it will work thank you we appreciate you thanks very much that is Erin schedules I know the play great great little place and he is open and let's head and I appreciate I he is a participation that's how it is your business what you do how you do it how we can help Leo in Honolulu Leo hello how do you eight seventeen good morning hello popcorn to Europe but a week ago anyway client we.

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