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Was a hockey puck you remember that Talk about that love because he wrapped up every roast with with a nice, statement about the person, how he'd loved them, how he respected them how he adored them and you do have comedians these days who who kind of complained that audiences have. Gone soft because they don't. Understand the love The love behind the insults I mean have audiences, gone softer or what's, what's going on with, today's climate political correctness has really very very difficult years ago people used to understand that it was just a joke but things Things are actually happening, I mean When he, did it, as, I said earlier you know we. We have a motto. From club They. Believe used in one, of his, books, we only the ones we love I wrote. For the Briars rose for twelve. Years from seventy eight thousand nine hundred eighty and then a few after that and when we would. Write the road I would usually Honoured if there was anything that they didn't want to. Talk about anything that would embarrass them that they, didn't want dead these days there are. No holds. Barred and a lot of that kind of humor has become very mean spirited and in. The context of our politically correct. World a lot of people find it, offensive these days In New York where I am we have, roast battle which is very, very popular but the topic of the jokes gotten very lean people joke. About each other having illnesses about their parents passing, away there seems to be no holds barred anymore Don was not the kind of person. He truly came from a place of love Benelli Example because she makes fun of herself first and then everybody in the, audience and it's considered a great honor to be made fun of by one of those people like Lisa The way it was with Don Don Don you It was, a, real..

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