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Yeah i could make sure we keep them with one of the phone calls. Chad is in green bay chad. You're on the fox. Sports radio weei. What's going on as i haven't the sixers just proven last years you can't feel the team around -fensive in i mean things about this. This leaked about scores. I mean ben. Simmons doesn't score but they're not they're not built around him like if you simmons can't play with a be a dominant big light joel embiid and here's why because for team. The guard simmons in the half court. He needs to be in the dunker spot. He needs to be by the basket. And embiid's down there so now here you see what i'm saying so if you don't have a big like that and i know they got merkich that's not gonna work either but you're gonna have to play been down there and then put shooters around. I got a trade for i got traded for. You're gonna happen. Hopefully so milwaukee's gonna win the championship in six. And then we're gonna we're gonna make a package withdrew holiday or middleton then we train damian lillard and then we'll have john damian lillard not sure what the package it has to be. But you're chris drew holiday with a couple other guys. And then we have dame and yoenis that mia win or lose the championship. that'd be a great move for milwaukee. Here's the problem. If i'm if i'm portland that's a nice package and it keeps me pretty good but it's not getting any closer to a champion. Here's the problem chat. Sounds like a laker fan. You know yeah. We're going to get the best player. And we're going to offload load the giant salaries of july christmas style without the salaries. You know what i'm saying like okay. They're pretty good you you you probably six seven in the in the west eight see right but you're not winning anything or not and you're stuck with long term contracts right and you don't elise dame is a superstar is given you know. He's drawing fans and all who leased with ben. He's young where you can. At least t the idea that always gonna get a lot better is low and milton are who they are at this point right you sell winning or you sell. Hope we got kerry kittles former mba veteran. Coming up next but first be sure to catch. Live editions of the odd couple with chris. Broussard and rob parker weekdays at seven pm eastern four. Pm pacific on fox sports radio and the iheartradio app. Hey i'm john middlekauff and host the three and our podcast..

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