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Shooting in June twenty seventeen at ended the life of a promising teenager KYW's. Ian Bush reports I it must have felt like another punch in the gut for Rodney Roberson after losing a child in such a violent way, the killer escapes, a first degree murder charge. I'll be getting what he deserves a right to take my daughter's life. But Rodney says he came to understand why twenty nine year old David desperate was allowed to plead third degree murder for shooting Bianca in the head after her car happened to delay for a few seconds desperate merge along route one hundred in West Chester county assistant DA cr-. Miller was a risk that there could be even one person on the jury that would say don't no he has that specific intent which could have resulted in a lesser conviction. More. None at all is desperate. Sorry for what he did his attorney Daniel mcgarrigle, I think my clients behavior by turning himself in prior to being identified by entering open. Guilty. Plea shows his remorse in Westchester, Ian, Bush KYW, NewsRadio KYW news time, seven thirty four. Investigators say neighbors are familiar with an older pickup truck whose driver shot and killed the woman early Wednesday morning and hunting park. Hey, whatever you Steve tower reports happened along the forty two hundred block of old York road. Dr Jack Ryan of the homicide unit has thirty year old shot. I Tucker was shot in the back as she tried to flee her attacker in the pickup truck of missing. We don't have a more modern truck police, I Tucker was a transgender woman, but they do not believe her gender played a role in the fatal shooting. Ryan says it was not a hate crime, and she was not targeted because of her gender affiliation or lifestyle. Well, known was out. Out there specifically targeting transgendered women. We're not dealing with a stranger here. We believe it. If someone known to miss Tucker told me prepare to say this time Ryan says Tucker was known to frequent the area in the early morning hours. But he would not disclose more details about the victims background, Steve Taiwa, KYW NewsRadio. KYW news time seven thirty five. President Trump is happy with how the Senate hearings for his supreme court nominee. Brett cabin are going their second day. The president says he took some time to tune in as the question and answer session. Thirty minutes per Senator went on President Trump in the Oval Office. I'm happy with the cabinet on hearings. I watched today for a little while. I saw some incredible answers to very complex questions for Democrats attempts to ferret out Kavanagh's views on presidential power. The president not worried about his nominees answers. Honestly, they've been totally brilliant. The other side is grasping at straws. Mr. Trump even accused Bob Woodward of allowing a review copy of his book about White House. Chaos to come out to distract from. How will things are going for Cavanaugh? Bob Costantini, Capitol Hill..

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