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What you'll face on snowy roads. And what might be ahead really tough driving conditions all over south King County. I'm Carleen Johnson. In Federal Way. First we go live to ABC news. Komo news time one o'clock. From ABC news. I'm Scott Goldberg House Democrats say President Trump decides to declare a national emergency to build his wall. They'll make immediate action to stop him. President Trump has been warning that he may declare a national emergency to compel the military to take over wall construction. If congress doesn't give him more wall money, but Democrats who control the house of representatives are now giving the president a warning of their own if he declared a national emergency they will pass a resolution which can terminate it with enough support. There are enough sympathetic Senate Republicans who could ban with Democrats in the upper chamber passenger resolution, then the president would have to consider vetoing it in order to keep the state of emergency alley Rogan ABC news, Capitol Hill. The president's announced on Twitter that he's nominated acting secretary of the interior David Barnard to take over the role. Officially president posted David has done a fantastic job from the day. He arrived Bernhardt came into the role after President Trump's former embattled secretary Ryan Zinke was asked to leave the position last year during that time Zinke was dogged by multi. Apple ethics investigation. ABC? Stephanie Ramos, the political future for Virginia's democratic governor. Ralph Northam remains unclear as calls for his resignation continue. He's been under fire since a photo from his college yearbook page surface showing two men one in a KKK robe and the other in black face. Obviously, this is paid for. Heartbreaking. Cox is the Republican speaker of the Virginia house of delegates. He asked northern to resign. The fate of the alleged drug Lord known as El Chapo is now in the hands of a federal jury in New York, they're deliberating and his murder, drug and kidnapping trial. He faces life in prison. If convicted the New England Patriots have said they're Super Bowl parade for tomorrow. In boston. Mayor Marty Walsh is encouraging a respectful celebration. There's absolutely zero public drinking on the streets. And also smoking marijuana is in public is illegal as well. Patriots. Beat the Rams thirteen to three at the close. The Dow is up one hundred seventy five you're listening to ABC.

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