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With the republican party over donald trump's presidential candidacy and about empathizing with roy moore's accusers in alabama she joins us today for member station wpro lenin nashville to talk about the alabama senate grace and its implications for christian conservatives what with the program thank you for having me guess there's a glass halffull half empty or question first are you cheered by doug jones's victory in alabama or it is a distributor that nearly half of alabama's voters chose to vote for roy more a despite some pretty convincing allegations of sexual misconduct with teenage girls well i think it's better and better i really think you cannot um overlook the fact that hundreds of thousands of conservatives made a decision and sent this message to the white house and a people like steve bannon um you're right it is profoundly demoralizing to be a part of a party that seemingly overlooks your voice that's why i quit the republican party but still there is a glimmer of hope in it's the first glimmer i've had in a long time and i'm just going to relish it for a few moments you mentioned steve bannon bannon's appealed to voters in alabama and before that those were but in this case on behalf of roy moore was very angry message the illitch are listening to people like you they laugh at people like you mom does that kind of resentment resonate with conservative christian voters in in the south you know i think that it has an eye think that white i donald trump was elected in november however there's this great passage in the bible a book that republicans ustr read and it says in your anger do not said i think for a long time republicans have been maligned and mischaracterized ah by people in the media and other politicians by saying things like for example mitt romney was a racist or mitt romney was a bigot when an actuality you know he was just a wonderful man trying to do his best i trying to represent his party until after years and years of sort of being mischaracterized a republicans had had enough however once you have enough you still does that does not give you license to to you know endorse at credibly accused bet of all you know she wrote public religio am conservatism in.

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