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Why read interesting article this past weekend. That I wanted to share with you in light of the fact that some of us got our butts kicked in the recent past with some drawdown. In other words, the market went down. And a lot of people are predicting Armageddon. I'm not. But I do think some perspective is advisable here. I also did a little flash back to two thousand and nine. Tom, Laura Chela, Tom, Laura Chela? My beeps. He wrote in two thousand nine by most measures stocks no longer, look cheap. May eleven two thousand nine. So when you hear some bozo come out of the woodwork like me or someone else saying, well, the stock market looks grossly overvalued just remember that a highly regarded, Tom Laura Chela. In may of two thousand and nine. Said that stocks didn't look Jeep and the market's gone up eighteen point eight percent a year since then. Or close to it. Well, let's start with this hundred and eighty years of stock market drawdowns, Ben Carlson wrote about a fellow by the name of Robert fry who actually had a video on this particular presentation online. But here's what Ben had to say. There's been one constant going all the way back to the eighteen hundreds risk. So true. More specifically, drawdowns or losses. That's what we're most obsessed with. Especially when you see fourteen hundred point drops in a couple of days. This fellow fray presented a couple of different charts. On the market to make his point. And charts can be very very instructive. But also very very deceiving. If you look at the long term growth chart of the market. With the drawdowns shaded in red chart doesn't look so bad. I mean, you see the nineteen twenty nine thing you say the two thousand ten but but the rest of them don't look all that daunting..

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